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Tyrone Fuertes
Director of Intramurals


You can connect to intramural teams through campus organizations, residence halls, sororities and fraternities, campus flyers and advertisements, and the Department of Intramurals.

If you are not affiliated with a team, fill out the Free Agent Form and attend the managers/captains meeting, where free agents will fill available roster spots.

How to enter a team

  1. Go to Intramural Sports.
  2. Register online with the Team Registration Form for the sport you want.
  3. Pay the entry fee by the posted deadline.
  4. Attend the captain’s/manager’s meeting to pick up a league schedule, roster, rules and receive information on IM policies and procedures.

Late entries will be placed on a waiting list.

New Esports Program

students playing video games

In October 2020, the University of Hartford's Department of Athletics announced the addition of Varsity Esports at UHart. Learn about our nine sponsored games, as well as additional opportunities to participate in this exciting new program.

Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations

  • Participation in UHart intramurals is voluntary.
  • Some recreational sports activities can be quite strenuous, others are only moderately so. The health of individuals participating in the IM program is their responsibility. Physical examinations and physicians approvals are not required by the university in order to participate. However, it is strongly recommended that participants be aware of their own limitations.
  • The University of Hartford Intramurals will not be held liable for injuries sustained by individuals participating in the IM Program. Any injuries or accidents occurring during intramurals should be reported immediately to on duty personnel.
  • Participants with a health problem and/or on medication are urged to confidentially inform our staff of their specific situation.
  • Anyone bleeding or having blood on their clothing will be prohibited from participation until appropriate measures have been administered.
  • All participants are advised to have proper medical coverage and accident insurance before participating.
  • Part-time and graduate students must have insurance in order to participate in intramurals.
  • Accidents and injuries during IM contests are documented and kept on file.

It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that members of their team are eligible. Any questionable case should be brought to the IM Director so that an official ruling can be obtained. Rosters will be checked throughout the season.

1. Eligibility definitions and rules for participation in any IM event are as follows. All players must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Full-time UHart students with a valid student ID card.

  • Part-time and graduate students must have a valid UHart ID and show proof of health insurance before the season. (A copy must be on file with the IM Office).
  • Faculty/Staff members must be members of the Sports Center. (Credit is given towards the Wellness program).

  1. UHart varsity athletes are ineligible to compete in their sport or any related sports in the IM Program.
  • Any individual whose name appears on a UHart Athletic Department team roster will be categorized as a Varsity Athlete for one academic year.
  • A student who begins an intercollegiate sport season on a roster and does not finish as a member of that team will be considered a Varsity Athlete for one academic year.
  • Practice players and players who participated in tryouts are not considered a current varsity player.
  1. Only one ex-varsity letter winner is eligible to be on an intramural team’s roster for each sport in which the student lettered. This rule includes the holder of a varsity letter at a university or senior college other than the University of Hartford. This rule will not apply to ex-varsity athletes who graduated before September 1, 2007. (Ex-varsity refers to collegiate athlete not high school)
  2. Any professional or elite athletes are ineligible to compete in that sport or its related sports.
  3. A participant is not permitted to transfer from one team to another after participating in one scheduled game without authorization from the IM Director.

*** The IM Director will make the final decision regarding eligibility. ***

Ineligible players

  • If the use of an ineligible player is detected at any time, including playing on more than one team, the player will immediately and automatically be suspended.
  • During league play, all contests in which an ineligible player participates may be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team and the ineligible player will be suspended for the remainder of that sport. This decision may be made at the discretion of the IM Director.
  • During the playoffs, the last contest in which an ineligible player participated shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team.

An individual may not, under any circumstances, play on more than one intramural team in each sport.

However, an individual may participate in either men’s or women’s and co-recreational division. Also, an individual may participate in either fraternity or sorority and co-recreational division. If you are not sure, please ask our staff or stop by the Intramural Office.

  1. Men’s Division: All UHart male undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, are eligible to participate in this division.
  2. Women’s Division: All UHart female undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, are eligible to participate in this division.
  3. Co-Recreational Division: All UHart male and female undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this division.
  4. Fraternity Division: All fraternities that are recognized by the University of Hartford and Greek Life are eligible to participate in this division.
  5. Sorority Division: All sororities that are recognized by the University of Hartford and Greek Life are eligible to participate in this division.

Whenever possible, different level of competition in each division will be available.

  1. Most Competitive (you’re all that and then some!)
  2. Advanced (you’ve got game, but perhaps you’re a little rusty)
  3. Recreational (you’re playing just for the fun of it)

This section gives pre-game guidance for both IM Staff and the participants. Without these policies, IM would not be able to maintain consistent, fair, safe and organized for all other team sports.


All teams are recommended to get their own jerseys. Jerseys are recommended for most team sports.

  1. All jerseys must be matching and have permanent numbers. Tape is no longer permissible.
  2. Teams without jerseys will not be allowed to participate.
  3. Pinnies will be provided if teams don’t have their own jerseys or if both teams’ jerseys are similar.

Signing In

  • Before each and every game, participants must provide a valid picture I.D. to IM Staff at the playing site.
  • A student, faculty or staff member who does not have an I.D. will be granted one exception. After that the player will not be allowed to play.

(Excuses such as “I didn’t know” or “I lost it” are unacceptable.)

  • Students are allowed one exception per sport. An updated list will be kept at the check in area.
  • If an I.D. is legitimately lost, a call to the IM Office prior to the event must be made. Until a replacement is issued; a copy of a student schedule is acceptable.


Once a player has signed in, he/she is on that respective team’s roster. Player additions to the roster may be done anytime throughout the regular season of the sport. When playoffs begin, rosters are frozen. (Exception: If it is tournament format.). Additions to the roster may be made either on the field or in the IM Office.

Time Limits

  1. Teams should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to game time. If it’s your first game of that sport season, you will need to get there earlier than 10 minutes in order to take care of rosters and waivers.
  2. There is a five-minute grace period for a team to obtain the minimum number of players needed.
  3. When the 5 minutes expire, the team or contestant present has the following options:
  • Take the win by forfeit. No contest will be played.
  • Choose to wait until the opponent arrives to compete. However, the official game clock will start running as scheduled. The game will commence upon the arrival of the opponent with whatever time remaining on the clock. The waiting team will be given a scoring advantage. If the opposing team is not ready to play 10 minutes after the scheduled game time a win will be declared for the waiting team.
  • If neither team has the required number of players at the scheduled game time, both teams will be given 10 minutes to complete their team. No scoring advantage will be given to either team in this case.
All participants must sign a “waiver” form before participating in their intramural event. Participants are only required to sign this form once during the school year.

Requests for preferred game times and dates will be accepted but they are not guaranteed. We will try to accommodate requests whenever possible. Teams cannot postpone or cancel games by agreement. All schedule changes must be approved by the Intramural Director. All changes will be posted on the intramural board. Captains and participants, please be sure to check the board frequently.

Forfeits are detrimental to the entire program and are an injustice to participants who want to play. Players looking forward to playing are very disappointed when opponents fail to show.

If a team forfeits a game, the captain needs to communicate in a timely fashion to the intramurals director on whether or not their team intends to stay in the league before the teams next scheduled contest.

  1. If a team forfeits twice they will be dropped from the league.
  2. Games lost by forfeit will not be rescheduled.
  3. Teams may receive a forfeit due to improper team attire.
  4. Teams found to have ineligible players in the game or on the game roster will receive a forfeit. In addition, disciplinary action may follow.

Teams that anticipate a hardship in fielding a team for a game, which has already been scheduled and cannot be changed, should call the IM Office ASAP. A default/loss will be recorded but a forfeit will be avoided.

Administrative postponements or cancellations occur when the weather or other uncontrollable factors make postponing games necessary. If the weather is questionable, call the intramural office at 860.768.5053. In addition, a notice will be posted by the intramural office/bulletin board. Games will be scheduled at later dates if possible.

The success of the UHart Intramural Program is dependent upon the representatives who serve as team managers for each participating team. These persons have the important function of serving as a direct line of communication between their team and the IM Office. Each team entered in an IM event should have a designated manager who will act as a liaison between the team and the IM Office. The team manager is responsible for:

  1. Submitting the registration form during the sign-up period (on time).
  2. Attending the captain’s meeting or designating a teammate to represent the team.
  3. Knowing deadline dates, mandatory meeting times, the rules governing the sport your team is participating in, as well as being familiar with IM Policies & Procedures in regard to forfeits, defaults, sportsmanship ratings, postponements, etc.
  4. Keeping the team informed as to game site, time, opponent and other pertinent information.
  5. Ensure that all team members are eligible for participation.
  6. Submitting protests if necessary.
  7. Promoting and developing good sportsmanship (teammates and fans) before, during and after all IM contests.
  8. Assisting the IM Staff with an ejected teammate and referring that teammate to the IM Director after the incident.
  9. Ensuring that the team does not forfeit!
Managers/Captains meetings:

These meetings will be held to discuss rules, logistics and to hand out schedules for the sport. All teams are responsible for material covered and agreements reached or changes made at the captain’s meeting. All captain’s/manager meetings are mandatory. If a captain/manager or representative does not attend this meeting, the team may either be replaced by a team on the waiting list (whose representative is presenting at the meeting) or will be penalized for their first game/scheduled contest.

The Advisory Board serves two functions:

  1. To assist the IM Director in hearing all sportsmanship and rule violation cases that might result in suspension from the program
  2. To maintain and improve the Intramural & Club Sports Programs. The board will render a final verdict in the case of an appeal.

The Advisory Board is comprised of students and staff from various areas of the campus community. The Board consists of the SGA president (or representative), one faculty/staff, 5 students and the IM Director.

Clearly sports are important to the participants but that importance should not become so overriding that players lose sight of civilized behavior. Good sportsmanship is a requirement of all participants, players and fans. The playing field is not a venue for physical or verbal abuse. A team is responsible for the actions of individual members and for spectators directly related to their team. Team/organizations will be held responsible for their group’s conduct. Penalties are as follows:

Disrespect towards Staff and Officials

Any individual addressing a staff member or official in an unsportsmanlike or discourteous or threatening manner will be immediately disqualified and ejected from that game/event. Suspension: minimum of 2 games.

Shoving or Striking a Staff Member or Official

Shoving or striking a staff member or an official shall result in immediate suspension from all Intramural activities. This may include an attempt to strike, even though there may be no contact.

Suspension: minimum of the remainder of that sport to 365 days

Abusing an official will also result in the filing of an incident report with the University Judicial Board and Campus Police.

Unsportsmanlike or Disruptive Behavior

Anyone endangering the welfare of another will be disqualified immediately. In addition, the individual will be suspended from competition for a minimum of their next two scheduled contests. Team member, captains, spectators, coaches or entire teams may be asked to leave the playing area. Suspension: minimum of two games.

Team Members and Spectators

Team members and spectators who leave the benches/viewing area to participate in any isolated altercation.

Suspension: minimum and indefinite for the team/organization, minimum of the remainder of that sport.

Become involved in a Fight

Anyone becoming involved in a fight will be disqualified immediately. If the instigator(s) can be identified, they will be suspended from that sport. “She/he hit me first” or “I was just defending myself” are not acceptable excuses for fighting. Suspension: minimum of the remainder of that sport to 365 days.

Fraudulent Acts

Any individual who is found guilty of cheating will be disqualified from Intramurals. The team will forfeit all its games in which the illegal player participated. Some examples include, but are not limited to: misrepresentation of a score, playing while ineligible or under suspension, participation under an assumed name, playing on more than one team, violating any eligibility rules. Suspension: minimum of the remainder of that sport to 365 days.

Alcohol or Drug Use

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted on or around the intramural playing areas. Students who appear “drunk” or “high” due to alcohol or drug use will not be permitted to participate. The officials and staff assigned to the game have the authority to make a decision. All team/individuals guilty of alcohol infractions will be asked to leave the intramural playing area and may be banned from further participation.

Suspension: minimum of two games to 365 days.


Any person/team that willfully causes destruction of or damage to equipment shall assume full responsibility for the damage and will be assessed the full cost of repairs or replacement. Suspension: minimum of the remainder of that sport.


Anytime a player, coach or spectator who is removed from the contest or playing area for conduct of an unsportsmanlike nature is automatically ineligible from further competition and will be suspended for any major infractions. (General Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Misuse of equipment, taunting, use of foul language, etc.) Notification of disciplinary action will be sent to the individual, team captain and other University departments if necessary.

All ejected players must leave the playing area/facility when ejected. If the player refuses to leave within five minutes, the game will be forfeited. The team manager/captain is held accountable.

In cases occurring late in the sport season or the academic year, a suspension may carry over into the next sport or next intramural year

An IM Disciplinary Report will be completed and placed on file in the IM Office along with the University Judicial Board. Captains or players removed from a contest must meet with the IM Director before their next scheduled contest to discuss the incident. The player/s will remain ineligible until this appointment is completed. The case may be referred to the IM Advisory board for a final decision

After reinstatement, anyone involved in a second major offense during the course of the intramural year will be banned from participation for 365 days. Depending on the severity of the incidents, the individual may be banned from all programs and services offered by the Intramural Department.

Remember that all participants in the IM Program are students at the University and are subject to all provisions in the University Judicial Code. Refer to XII for the misconduct charges.

The decision of an official or intramural staff member to eject a player for unsportsmanlike conduct (be it verbal or physical) will be firmly upheld by the IM Director. Protests of this type will not be accepted. Absolutely no exceptions.

All suspended players will have an opportunity to meet and discuss their incident with the Intramural Director within 24 hours of the incident. After the meeting, the suspended player will be informed of any changes in their status within 24 hours. It is each individual’s responsibility to contact the intramural office at 860.768.5053 for a meeting.

After the participant/s has been informed of their status, if the individual/s wishes to protest the decision of the Intramural Director, the participant will have 24 hours to put in writing to request a hearing of the Intramural Advisory Board. The protest must be given directly to the Intramural Director. The Intramural Advisory Board will make a recommendation regarding the protest. Once the decision has been made by the board, no appeal/protest will be accepted. The Intramural Advisory Board’s decision will be final.

*** If the participant/s does not meet with the Intramural Director after the incident within 24 hours or does not protest their status after 24 hours after the Intramural Director’s decision, a protest will not be accepted.***

Good sportsmanship is a requirement of all participants. Players and coaches are to conduct themselves properly at all times. The IM Office reserves the right to suspend or disqualify individuals or groups for unsportsmanlike conduct. The team captain assumes full responsibility for the conduct of the team and spectators. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes actions which are unbecoming to an ethical, fair, honorable individual; it consists of acts of deceit, disrespect or vulgarity and includes taunting.

Each team will receive a sportsmanship rating from the official(s) and/or supervisor at the conclusion of the game.

The officials will rate each team using the following guidelines:

  1. (Excellent) – given to a team which demonstrates good sportsmanship and maintains an excellent attitude of complete cooperation. Full and complete support of the officials.
  2. (Above Average) – given to a team when there is no incident of poor sportsmanship. Respect shown for opponents, staff and supervisor.
  3. (Average) – given to a team that is beginning to show poor sportsmanship, disrespect towards staff and officials, minor infractions are present. Poor behavior limited to individual/s, not to the entire team.
  4. (Below Average) – given to a team if players, other than the captain, persist in questioning officials’ decisions, repeatedly argue with the officials and staff. Frequent use of profane or vulgar language, players endangering the welfare of others, alcohol or drug use by players or spectators, spectators clearly related to the team fail to cooperate with the officials and staff.
  5. (Poor) – given to a team when players possess all the behaviors of a 1 rating. In addition they disregard warning of unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct, abusive language or action, etc. Examples include fighting, bench clearings, ejected players for fighting, destruction or damage to IM property, no attempt of a team to control their fans and their interference in a game, striking an official or staff member.

  • A team that defaults will receive a 2.
  • A team that forfeits will receive a 0.
  • A team must have a 2.5 rating average in order to be eligible for the playoffs.
  • A team must have at least a 2.5 for each game in the playoffs to advance to the next round.
Any team that receives a 0.0 in a playoff game will be disqualified from that playoff tournament. The Intramural Director will make the final decision.

Ties between 2-3 teams will be settled in the following way:
1. Intramural points for that sport when computing points for Win/Loss record, the following system will be used:

Win = 2 pts
Tie = 1pt
Loss/Default = 0pt
Forfeit = (-1) point

  1. Head to head
  1. Sportsmanship Rating
  1. Point difference with all similar teams
  1. Total goal/points

The purpose of a protest is to insure an equal opportunity for victory. Judgment calls may not be protested.

  • Protests will only be allowed for incorrect interpretation/enforcement of a rule and/or use of an ineligible player.
  • Protests will NOT be considered if they are based on a decision involving the accuracy or judgment on the part of an official.
  • Whenever a matter of protest arises during a game (other than player eligibility) the captain of the protesting team shall notify the official(s) and field supervisor, that protest is being initiated immediately after the play in question ends and before the next play begins. The field supervisor or scorekeeper will document the score, time and rule in question.
  • The formal protest must be type written and presented to the IM Director before 5:00pm the following business day. If this procedure is not followed, the protest will be invalid.
  • If the team protesting a rule wins the game then a written protest is not necessary.
  • If the protest is upheld the contest may be replayed entirely or from the point of protest to be determined by the IM Director.
Any team or player that does not agree with the protest may file a written appeal. If the IM Director deems the appeal acceptable a hearing will be arranged with IM Advisory Board. The Board will make the final decision.

Intramural All-Campus Chancellors Cup

The All-Campus Championship Cup is to encourage participation in all IM activities and to offer incentives beyond the desire to excel in just one activity. At the end of each IM year, championship teams will be given special prizes in Men’s, Women’s and Co-Recreational Divisions.

Chancellors Cup Point System

Participation Points per Sport = 50
Win = 10
Loss = 5
Tie = 8
Default = 0
Forfeit = -10

1st Place = 15
2nd Place = 10
3rd Place = 8
4th Place = 6
5th Place = 4
6th Place = 3

Sport Eligible for Points

*** All Sporting events unless stated otherwise by the IM Director***

  • All points scored by a team/individual shall be credited to their team; the correct team name must be listed on the entry form.
  • If a team forfeits, they will lose 10 participation points.
  • f a person transfers from one team to another during the year, all points earned previously by that individual shall remain with the original team.
  • The actual cup will be kept in display in side the Sports Center with the names of the previous championship teams.
  1. Proper attire should be worn for each activity. For your protection, as well as other participants, all jewelry and non-appropriate headgear must be removed before participating in an activity. Persons wearing casts or wrapped/padded appendages will not be allowed to participate. Individuals will be required to obtain prior approval from the field supervisor for the use of orthopedic devices essential to protect an injury.
  2. No alcohol is allowed at any IM site. Teams and their spectators found in violation of this policy would face immediate suspension.
  3. Illegal Apparel
    • No bare feet
    • No street/dress clothes or shoes
    • No sandals or work-boots
    • No exposed jewelry of any kind (rings, earrings, ropes, etc.)
    • No metal or screw- in spikes
    • No hats

Taping of jewelry is not permitted.

Religious medallions or medical identifications must be removed from chains and taped or sewn under the uniform.

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