Rules and Policies

Team and Player Information

The University of Hartford assumes no responsibility for injuries received during intramural activities. All participants are reminded that intramural participation is entirely voluntary. Participants/spectators acknowledge the inherent risks associated with the activity and agree to hold harmless the University of Hartford, the Department of Recreation, its officers, agents, and employees from any liability, claims, actions, or causes of actions arising out of or related to any injury or illness, including death, that may be sustained by a participant/spectator, or to any loss or damage to property belonging to a participant/spectator, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. Participants/spectators agree to assume any financial costs that may result from or arise from intramural participation. It is strongly suggested that all players have a physical examination and secure adequate medical insurance before participation. The University of Hartford cannot accept liability for injuries sustained by participants/spectators during intramural activities.

Blood Rule- Any player with an open wound and blood on their uniform must leave the game. The player may not return until the wound is covered and no blood is visible on the bandaging. Clothing with blood on it must be removed before returning to the game. The intramural staff will have a first aid kit on hand. This kit is to be used for injuries ONLY. Band-Aids will not be given out unless a participant has a visible cut. Should an accident or injury occur, please immediately notify a Recreation Department staff/student employee member.

Concussions- Any player who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be immediately removed from the game and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate healthcare professional (licensed physician).

  • Men’s Division: All University of Hartford male undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this division.
  • Women’s Division: All University Hartford female undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this division.
  • Co-Ed Division: All University of Hartford male and female undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this division.

Individual sports schedules will be available online at IM Leagues. Each captain and team member can see the date, time, and opponent for their upcoming game(s). Please download the FREE IM Leagues app on your phone to track standings, schedules, and announcements.

Once a game begins, it is up to the Recreation Department to decide when a game should be called. Once lightning is seen, participants and spectators will be told to leave the premises. The Recreation Director will reach out to captains via email to inform them about future makeup games. Depending on the sport’s rules for each sport, games will be made up at a future date and will start from the beginning with a score of 0-0.

Please also understand that all athletic competitions and practices have priority, and events may be scheduled before intramurals.

Grace Period – If a team does not have the minimum number of players by game time, there will be a grace period of 10 minutes. There must be at least one player checked in for the allowed grace period.

  • To receive the grace period, the opposing team must grant it.
  • One team must have enough players to start for the grace period to be in effect.
  • After the 10-minute mark, the game will be forfeited if the team still does not have the minimum number of players required to start.
  • Once the players have checked in, the game shall begin as the rule states.

As a university activity, intramural events expect the same conduct and behavior as any other social and recreational activity. Participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. A staff member will ask any spectator exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct, threatening behavior, or using obscene language to leave the facility. Participants who are ejected from a game have one minute to leave sight and sound of the facility immediately. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the game and campus police being called. Teams are responsible for individual members' and spectators' conduct and actions.

Responsibilities of Participants

It is the responsibility of each participant to be knowledgeable of all intramural rules and policies. Every participant is reminded that participating in the intramural program is a privilege.

  • Each participant is responsible for their conduct.
  • Participants must behave in a sportsmanlike manner. See Sportsmanship Policy
  • Participants are responsible for knowing their eligibility status at all times.
  • Individuals who violate UHart Rec rules, intramural rules, and policies, abuse the equipment or facility, or behave in an unsportsmanlike manner are subject to losing their privileges to participate in the intramural program.

Team Captains must be playing members of their team. In their roles, Captains acknowledge and agree to assume specific responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Serving as a liaison between their team and the Department of Recreation. It is essential that the captain periodically check the IM Leagues website for updates and schedule changes. The captain should be sure to have their phone number on their IM Leagues profile and that the number is working.
  • Only the captain shall discuss game issues with Campus Recreation/Intramural staff.
    • The captain is the only player who may question an official’s ruling. Questions, as they relate to an official’s judgment, will not be allowed.
    • The intramural staff does not recognize the use of coaches. Coaches are considered spectators. They may not be on the field/court, call time outs or address the officials/supervisors during the game.
  • Knowledge and understanding of all rules and policies associated with the activity/sport. All rules and procedures will be distributed and discussed at the captains’ meeting.
  • Verifying the eligibility of all players listed on the roster.
  • Informing all players and spectators of the rules, policies, and sportsmanship code of the Recreation Department.
  • Notify all team members and spectators that tobacco, alcohol, vaping, and other illegal substances are prohibited at all UHart facilities and that no one is allowed to be at a game while under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs.
  • Team captains are ultimately responsible for the conduct of their team, including spectators.
  • Team captains are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension, if they show no effort to control their team, do not actively discourage unsportsmanlike conduct, or if their team is found to have participated with an ineligible player(s).

Captain’s Meeting

A meeting for all team captains will be scheduled before the team’s season begins. This meeting is MANDATORY – All teams must be represented. If a team captain cannot attend the meeting, they should send a team roster representative. All representatives must be prepared to show their UHart ID at the meeting.

***If a captain or a representative cannot attend the meeting, they need to schedule an appointment with the Director of Recreation before the first scheduled game. If a meeting is not expected, then a forfeit will occur for the team who did not schedule an appointment.

Participants and spectators who exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior before, during, or after a contest directed toward an opponent or official or intramural staff member may be ejected. An official, game supervisor, or intramural staff member may administer the ejection. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct which will result in ejection include, but are not limited to, the use of profanity, vulgar and abusive language, disrespect towards any official or intramural staff member, unnecessary roughness, excessive technical fouls, flagrant actions toward an opponent, flagrant actions toward an official, and fighting or inciting a fight.


Any person/participant ejected from a game due to unsportsmanlike conduct must leave the confines of the playing area immediately. Ejected players must leave sight and sound of the facility. Failure to do this will result in a forfeit for their team and Campus Police being called.


Automatic Suspension – Any player or spectator ejected from an Intramural Sports contest due to unsportsmanlike conduct will be automatically suspended from all further intramural activities until officially reinstated. Ejected individuals and team captains must meet with the Director of Recreation to discuss the incident before reinstatement. Additionally, a player who accumulates three unsportsmanlike penalties during a semester (regardless of sport) will be automatically suspended from all further intramural activities and must meet with the Director of Recreation to discuss the player’s behavior. Whenever a meeting with the Director of Recreation is required, the team captain and player must contact the Director to schedule this meeting.

Mandatory Minimum Suspension – After meeting with the Director of Recreation, ejected players must serve a minimum compulsory one-game suspension. Depending on the severity of the incident, this suspension may be lengthened. Captains may also be suspended due to their teammate’s actions due to undertaking this participant onto their team.

The extent of Suspensions – Suspensions can extend to and include a lifetime ban from the Sports Center and Recreation activities. Other disciplinary measures may also be taken. Captains may also be suspended due to their teammate’s actions due to undertaking this participant onto their team.

Game Ending Early Policy- Game Officials and UHart Recreation staff have the authority to stop a game due to teams and spectators not following the Sportsmanship Policy and Code of Conduct.

Sever Offenses

All incidents included under, but not limited to; this “Severe Offenses” section may be referred to the Department of Public Safety, with charges (student judicial and criminal) being sought in some instances. The UHart Department of Public Safety is an entire law enforcement agency with the ability to file criminal charges and the authority to arrest.


Fighting or threatening to fight will result in the automatic ejection of the players involved. Players involved in a fight will be indefinitely suspended from all Intramural Recreation activities. Those players must meet with the Director of Recreation. The Assistant Director and Director will determine the length and extent of the suspension; however, a minimum one-year suspension from intramural activities and loss of UHart recreational privileges.

  • Players leaving the bench to become involved in a fight will be treated as outlined above.
  • Players that leave the bench area during a fight attempting to be “peacemakers” will be automatically ejected and subject to the ejection and reinstatement procedures.
  • Teams involved in a fight will forfeit their game and are subject to removal from the league and further action.

Intent to Injure

Any player whom the game officials or game supervisor determines to have deliberately attempted to injure another player will be immediately ejected and receive an indefinite suspension from all Intramural and Recreation activities. The player must meet with the Director of Recreation. The Assistant Director and Director will determine the length and extent of the suspension.

Offenses toward Officials/Staff

Intramural officials, like the majority of intramural participants, are students. Any physical, verbal, or threatening abuse of intramural officials and staff will not be tolerated.

  • Verbal abuse of an official/staff member will result in an unsportsmanlike penalty or technical foul on the offending player. Depending on the nature/severity, the player may be immediately ejected.
  • Any player who makes physical contact (i.e., pushing, striking, spitting on, etc.) will be immediately ejected and receive an indefinite suspension from all Intramural and Recreation activities.
  • The player will be required to meet with the Assistant Director for Intramurals and the Director of Campus Recreation. The Assistant Director and Director will determine the length and extent of the suspension.
    • A minimum one-year suspension from all Intramural and Recreation activities, including access to the Sports Center, will be assessed in the case of verbally threatening or making deliberate physical contact with an intramural official or staff member.
    • A lifetime suspension from all Intramural and Campus Recreation activities, including access to the Sports Center, will be assessed in the case of assaulting or making excessive physical contact with an intramural official or staff member. Additionally, criminal and student judicial charges will be sought.

Willful Facility/Equipment Damage

Any player or spectator who willfully/deliberately damages facilities and equipment will be ejected. The individual will be billed for the cost of all damages. The individual(s) will receive a hold on all grades, transcripts, and registration until the bill is paid. In addition to financial responsibility for the damages, the individual(s) will be subject to further disciplinary action through Campus Recreation and Public Safety.

Intramural Sports Policies

The captain’s responsibility is to ensure that members of their team are eligible. Any questionable case should be brought to the Director of Recreation so that an official ruling can be obtained. Rosters will be checked throughout the season.

Intramural eligibility rules are designed to protect the rights and privileges of all the participants and ensure fairness of competition by having all participants and teams participate under the same rules and guidelines. The Recreation Department will investigate a player’s eligibility when such a question or concern is brought to the department’s attention.

All officially enrolled students, faculty, and staff members of the University of Hartford are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports as defined in the following rules:

Eligible Participants:

  • Currently enrolled (Full-Time or Part-Time) UHart Students
  • Full-Time and Part-Time UHart Faculty and Staff

Ineligible Participants:

  • Students who have withdrawn from the institution
  • Students who have a hold on their accounts
  • Students or Faculty/Staff from other institutions
  • Faculty/Staff who are no longer employed at the institution
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • An eligible participant who misrepresents their identity to intramural staff by using another individual’s ID
  • Anyone who has had their intramural privileges revoked/suspended due to violation of intramural policies/rules
  • Suspended players
  • Professional athletes

Additional Eligibility Policies

  1. Participants may only play on one gender AND one co-rec team during a season per sport. To enforce this policy, once players hand their ID to the intramural staff to check in to a game, they are considered to be playing for the team. If the player plays on the second team, the player is regarded as an ineligible player, and that team will forfeit that game. Players may only act as a substitute if they play on another team or need to reach the minimum number of players to play the game.
  2. An individual may not participate under an assumed name or use false identification. Violating this rule may result in suspension from further participation for the individual and possibly the team. This may also result in the forfeiture of Intramural games.
  3. The intramural staff reserves the right to declare an individual ineligible for competition/participation if their participation is considered unsportsmanlike or dangerous.
  4. Participants registered on teams may also play as a substitute if a team needs to make the minimum number of players to avoid a forfeit. Substitute players are not allowed during playoffs.
  5. All participants must be registered through IM Leagues to be considered eligible participants.
  6. University of Hartford Varsity Athletes are ineligible to compete in their sport or any related sports in the Intramural Program. Ex: current baseball players may not play baseball or softball.
    • Any individual whose name appears on a University of Hartford Athletic Department team roster will be categorized as a Varsity Athlete for one academic year.
    • A student who begins an intercollegiate sports season on a roster and does not finish as a team member will be considered a Varsity Athlete for one academic year.
  7. Any professional or elite athletes are ineligible to compete in that sport or its related sports.
  8. A participant is not permitted to transfer from one team to another after participating in one scheduled game without authorization from the Director of Recreation
  9. The intramural staff may forfeit any contest upon discovering ineligible participant(s).
  10. Teams may not play ineligible players even by mutual agreement of both team captains and the other players in the contest. Such players shall be ineligible for all competitions until reinstated.
  11. During league or playoff play, all contests in which an ineligible player participates shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team. The ineligible player will be suspended for the remainder of that specific sport.

Ineligible Player Offenses

  1. First Offense: The team with the ineligible player will forfeit the contest if they step foot into gameplay.
  2. Second Offense: The team with the ineligible player will forfeit the contest if they step foot into the gameplay, and the captain will be suspended for the next scheduled competition.
  3. Third Offense: The team is disqualified for the remainder of the season.

ID Policy

Every participant must present their validated UHart student ID to the Intramural Staff before being allowed to participate. If participants do not have their ID, they will NOT be allowed to play. NO exceptions to this rule. You MUST bring your ID to every game.

The UHart Recreation Department is committed to assuring that its sports leagues are free from discriminatory, inappropriate, and disrespectful conduct or communication; therefore, we reserve the right to disallow any team name that we feel may be unacceptable due to a racial, sexual, or is otherwise degrading in nature. We ask that you remain mindful of this commitment when deciding on a team name, as your team name may be advertised. UHart Recreation will not tolerate racist, sexist, sexual innuendo, or inappropriate, demeaning, or offensive team names.

Games will be aligned accordingly to the dates that are advertised. For example, if Flag Football is scheduled on Mondays, it will always be played on Mondays unless a schedule change needs to be updated.

If your team cannot make the scheduled game time on your schedule, it is essential to contact to see if you can get your game moved to another time. If this does occur, your opponent will receive an email asking for the request, but the captain can either accept or decline to reschedule the time of your game.

All playoff dates and times are final and cannot be changed. Teams are informed before the season starts about the dates of games and times for playoff games.

If you are a team that forfeits two games during the Regular Season in the current league, then your team will be ineligible for Playoffs. If you forfeit more than 3 games during the entire season, your team will be ineligible for playoffs.

It is against university policy to smoke or use tobacco outside the confines of a personal vehicle. Alcohol and other illegal substances are prohibited on the UHart Campus, including the athletic and intramural fields. Alcohol consumption before participation or during an intramural event is not only unsafe but also a violation of university rules and is illegal for underage individuals. No individual is allowed to participate in an intramural event or attend as a spectator while smoking/vaping/using tobacco or under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs. Violation will result in the individual(s) being asked to leave the facility immediately. Failure to leave the facility will result in campus police being called. In some instances, campus police may be immediately notified.

Sportsmanship, civility, and conduct of participants and students are the essential focus of the UHart Recreation Department. While the game atmosphere is often competitive, ensuring participant safety, providing a fun, social atmosphere, and promoting sportsmanlike behavior among participants and team followers are of primary concern. The game atmosphere should remain good-natured, and participants shall maintain good sportsmanship throughout their participation in all facets of the Recreation Department.

Teams are reminded that sportsmanship involves more than just shaking hands at the end of the game. Sportsmanship encompasses how teams and individual participants carry themselves on the field/court and sidelines throughout the game – how teams interact with each other, with the officials, and with the game staff. In sports, there is always a winner and a loser. Officials make judgment calls in good faith, and those decisions must be abided by. While all officials strive to get every call right, inevitably, calls will be missed – whether in perception or actuality. Many sources of frustration for participants result from a lack of knowledge of the rules. Each team captain and participant should take personal responsibility for becoming educated on intramural policies and sports rules.

Teams, players, captains, and spectators found violating the Sportsmanship Policy are subject to disciplinary action by the Recreation Department.

By signing up for intramurals, all participants agree to the following Sportsmanship Code: 

  • Participants agree to treat all persons involved in or associated with their intramural games (including the Recreation Department and its staff) with dignity and respect. Participants expect to be treated in the same manner.
  • Participants agree not to use profanity, make disrespectful gestures or comments, or fight.
  • Participants agree to let their captain calmly and respectfully discuss any questions or problems concerning the game being played, keeping in mind that the official is the final authority on the playing field or court.
  • Participants will compete fairly and within the intent and integrity of the rules.
  • Participants agree to actively discourage unsportsmanlike conduct by any other participant(s) and/or spectator(s).

Teams will be given sportsmanship ratings after every game. Game officials and supervisors will assign a rating to each group based on their sportsmanship and conduct. Teams must maintain an average rating of 3.0 to qualify for the playoffs, regardless of a team’s win-loss record.

Regular Season Sportsmanship

  • Teams that receive a rating of 1.0 or lower for any game during the regular season must meet with the Director of Recreation to be eligible to play in their next contest. If a team receives a second 1.0 or below rating in the same sport, they will be subject to immediate dismissal from the league
  • Teams that receive a “0” rating are subject to immediate dismissal from the league.

Playoff/Tournament Sportsmanship

  • A team must maintain its “3.0” average or better Sportsmanship Rating during the playoffs. The average will include regular season and playoff games.
  • A winning team that receives a sportsmanship rating of “1.0” to “2.0” in a playoff game is subject to dismissal from further tournament play. Depending on the situation and the Department of Recreation, if the team is allowed to advance, it must receive a Sportsmanship Rating of “3.0” or higher in all remaining playoff games.
  • A team that receives a Sportsmanship Rating of below “2.0” in their final playoff game is subject to further disciplinary action as a team in subsequent sports, as individuals, or to the team captain.
  • Any team disqualified from a playoff game is subject to further disciplinary action as a team in subsequent sports, as individuals when appropriate, or to the team captain.