Campus Leadership

The University of Hartford is committed to collaboration and transparency in all operations.

Governed by the Board of Regents, the University is led by President Gregory Woodward and directed by a team of academic and administrative leaders across seven schools and colleges, and offices and divisions. Together, they ensure the fulfillment of the University’s mission, uphold its core values and vision, and manage its operations and academic affairs.

Faculty, staff, students and alumni all play significant roles in the college’s governance and are important partners as we strive to create and sustain a University we are immensely proud of, and that will be firmly set on a secure pathway for generations to come. President Woodward has recently presented VISION, a collection of opinions, proposals, research, hopes and dreams from the University community. VISION details five University goals, with supporting actions and objectives, with a focus on student success and a stronger financial position. University constituents regularly have the opportunity to provide input through a comprehensive committee structure, formal meetings, community forums, and surveys. This input is critical in assisting the Board of Regents and University leadership develop and implement President Woodward’s VISION, in addition to operational budgets and numerous policies and initiatives.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Together, we are creating and sustaining a University we are immensely proud of, and that will be firmly set on a secure pathway for generations to come.


Board of Regents

The Board has sole fiduciary responsibility for the University, oversees matters of basic policy, elects and reviews the University president.

University President

President Woodward steers the University, aligning day-to-day operations with UHart’s mission and vision.

Office of the President
Leadership Team

The University’s leadership team consists of deans, vice presidents, and other senior academic and administrative leaders, who lead the University’s operations, offices, schools and colleges.