Vaccine Requirement

All UHart students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the fall. Students should submit vaccine information by Aug. 15. Learn more about the vaccine requirement

Academic Support

We offer a wide range of services to enhance your UHart academic experience.

Support for First-Year Students

The Center for Student Success provides you with the resources and support you need to successfully transition to college.

The Center for Student Success

UHart’s comprehensive academic support services include free, one-on-one faculty and peer tutoring. Focused instruction is available for students to enhance their reading and writing skills, including services or non-native English speakers.

We also provide accommodations for students with documented disabilities, promoting self-advocacy and independence in a supportive environment.

Students have access to free, one-on-one tutoring. Sessions with faculty members and peers are available in many specific subject areas.

Tutoring Center

The Center provides free, one-on-one writing sessions for writers of all abilities. You can get help with writing issues such as organization, clarity, formatting, citations, and generating research and ideas.

Tutoring Center

Access-Ability Services supports the educational needs of students with documented disabilities. Accommodations and services include assistance with exams and one-on-one academic coaching.

Accessibility Services

The English Language Institute provides comprehensive programming for international students to enhance their written and oral language skills.

English Language Institute