Affinity and Identity Organizations

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Unique individuals of different races, traditions, creeds, and perspectives weave together to create the fabric of UHart. 

The vibrancy of our student body allows people of all different backgrounds to express themselves freely. We embrace and celebrate our mosaic community that's representative of students of many cultures. 

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Our main goal is to promote cultural and social awareness with African students among the whole student body and faculty at the University of Hartford. We work to encourage better communication and comprehension between African students and other individuals of the university community, while encouraging different activities and events that depict the honorable and social norms of African culture.

Why should you join this organization?

We host community events that encourage seeking out students with similar interests while brining cultural awareness to our campus’ African student body.

Afrolyte is the dance team associated with African Student Union specializing in modern day Afro-Beat dance. We welcome everyone who is willing to learn!

Why should you join this organization?

If you enjoy learning about African culture through the means of dance and rhythm, this is the org for you! 

Black Student Union (BSU) is the oldest recognized student organization on campus. The members represent all races and ethnicities, although they began as a primarily African American advocacy organization. Established in 1964, BSU is involved in all aspects of campus life, and service to the greater Hartford community.

Why should you join this organization?
We have performed community service for elementary, middle and high school students, collected food and clothing for local shelters, donated goods to veterans and soldiers, and are considered the forerunner for many of the current Multicultural organizations. BSU collaborates with many other campus organizations and is devoted to enhancing the undergraduate experience for all students.

The Caribbean and American Students Association (CASA) is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the Caribbean culture and is representative of all Caribbean nations. The organization boasts a large membership that participates in campus social and educational activities, community service and cultural celebrations.

Why should you join this organization?

Some of our programming efforts include Carnival, the Preschool Holiday Party, a Mother's Day Luncheon, game nights, bag lunches for homeless shelters, and campaigning in local elections. CASA welcomes any student who wishes to support the goals of promoting diverse cultures.

Love your Jewish heritage? Want to know more about it? Want to spend more time around other Jewish students? Chabad Chevra is a student organization that aims to create a home and community for students at the University of Hartford, while simultaneously connecting ourselves and others to Jewish lifestyles and experiences. We have pride in ourselves and our Jewish affiliation; and we want to see to it that other students have the opportunity to develop their own prideful relationship to Judaism as well as share in ours. 


Why you should join this organization?
Chabad Chevra presents weekly opportunities to talk about your religion, participate in Jewish traditions, eat great food, and build a strong group of friends through fun projects and activities.

Fenomena is the University of Hartford’s hip hop dance team. The team is co-ed and dances to the latest hits and a mix of older songs that brings people back in time. Team members all have a strong background in dance. Our Mission is to expose the culture of hip-hop dance by entertaining our peers at the University of Hartford.

Why should you join this organization?

Fenomena gives back to the community via community service and by teaching community dance classes, with outreach to young dancers in Hartford being the main focus. We aren’t just dancers who want to win competitions; we are dancers who want to leave a legacy after we leave Hartford!

Are you Haitian or interested in being part of a community dedicated to Haitian culture? Then this is the club for you!

Why should you join this organization?

It's a great place to meet new people while learning about the culture!

Hillel offers social, cultural, educational, religious and spiritual, tikkum olam (community service), and Israel-related programs that are designed and planned by our students, with staff mentorship and support. There is no such thing as "membership" at Hillel. Everyone is welcome to participate in any of our programs.

Why should you join this organization?

Our warm and welcoming Hillel is a place where students gather for bagel brunches and Israeli cooking classes, for small group Shabbat dinners, Hanukkah candle-lighting, and movie nights, to braid and bake for tzedakah, and to get out the vote. There's no such thing as a "bad Jew" here. We accept everyone where they are, and, encourage everyone to explore what is meaningful to themselves, no matter what your relationship to your Jewishness might be. We celebrate Shabbat every week, mark the Jewish holidays, and follow the rhythm of the Jewish calendar. Our two dedicated full-time professionals are always available for schmoozing!

Short Bienvenidos! Hispanic & Latino Student Association wants to unite people of all nationalities and backgrounds together. Although the club’s main focus is to bring together those of Hispanic backgrounds, the club welcomes everyone! Great food, great laughs, and even greater people.

Why should you join this organization?

The mission of the HLSA is to develop a good relationship between the Latino/Hispanic students at the University of Hartford. We aim to project a clear image of the Latino/Hispanic people and their culture and to organize activities whereas the Latino/Hispanic Youth of the Hartford area be exposed to the concepts and benefits of higher education.

The purpose of the International Student Association (I.S.A.) is to be a voice for the various international populations on campus by sharing culture, promoting international student interests, and creating opportunities for international students to engage with each other as well as with domestic students.

Why should you join this organization?

Be a voice for international populations on campus.

JAMSA is the Jamaican American Student Association that solely focuses on Jamaican culture and educates those interested in learning more. JAMSA differs from CASA, the Caribbean American Student Association, which looks at the Caribbean from a broader viewpoint. The main goal for JAMSA is to form a family, not just an organization. Also, JAMSA is to be considered a home away from home for Jamaicans on campus who feel as though they don’t quite fit in anywhere else.

The main goal of the Jamaican American Student Association is to educate, encourage, and embrace the qualities of Jamaican culture.

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a social and religious organization at the University of Hartford for all students. The mission of the Muslim Student Association is to establish strong relations among the community of Muslim students on campus and to present the real picture of Islam.

Why should you join this organization?

If you are Muslim and looking for a group where others share the same ideals as you or just interested in learning more, come join us!

The National Society of Black Engineers, as a national student and professional based organization, does hereby dedicate itself to the development of intensive programs for increasing Black and other ethnic minority participation in the field of engineering and engineering technology.

Why you should join this organization?

This organization will endeavor to provide general counseling to all members and to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

The purpose of Shuffle and Roll is to advocate for women, particularly, but not limited to women of color. This group will promote bonds between women in society. Women are meant to be heard, and that is what we plan to do. We plan to strengthen the bonds with women, focusing on women empowerment and advancement.

Why you should join this organization?

We create community and belonging through board and card games. Check out the UHart Hub for our tournaments and weekly game nights. 

A safe, nonjudgmental environment for people of all sexual and gender identities: Spectrum is an organization for bisexual, pansexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, questioning students, and their allies. Meetings are open to all. Come support and be supported!

Why should you join this organization?

Don’t have time for weekly meetings? Come to the big events: AIDS week, Rainbowfest Dance, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

The Steppaz club mission is to find ways through step and dance to express personal spirit and enthusiasm by promoting school pride, as well as, supporting and working within the community.

Why should you join this organization?

It’s a great way to meet new people while doing what you love—dance!

SIS is a group of young women who believe that the best way to advocate for young women is to first educate, then to serve. The mission of the Strong Independent Sisters Club is to advocate for women, particularly but not exclusively women of color.

Why should you join this organization?

Strength in the bonds of women, Independence in thought and deeds and Sisterhood above all else, defines this organization.