Religious Organizations

For many UHart students, religious life is an important part of their experience here.

The following organizations provide opportunities to learn more about religions, meet other students, and assist with community projects.

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Religious Organizations Listings

A brief lesson followed by a discussion about the Bible and how it applies practically to a college lifestyle.

Why you should join this organization?
We hope to guide people to form a true healthy relationship with God and other people. Based on Matthew 22:37:39 and to bring clarity and convey that the Bible is useful and practical in today's day and age. Based on Timothy 3:16/

Love your Jewish heritage? Want to know more about it? Want to spend more time around other Jewish students? Chabad Chevra is a student organization that aims to create a home and community for students at the University of Hartford, while simultaneously connecting ourselves and others to Jewish lifestyles and experiences. We have pride in ourselves and our Jewish affiliation; and we want to see to it that other students have the opportunity to develop their own prideful relationship to Judaism as well as share in ours.



Why you should join this organization?
Chabad Chevra presents weekly opportunities to talk about your religion, participate in Jewish traditions, eat great food, and build a strong group of friends through fun projects and activities.

A Christ-centered community that grows, learns, and serves together while chasing the heart of god.


Why you should join this organization?
A place where students can gather together to build relationships with each other while loving God.

We seek to enrich the lives of Jewish students so that they will enrich the lives of Jewish people they engage with at UHart and around the world.

Why you should join this organization?
Help: Assist others so they can engage in Hillel
Include: Hillel is for everyone to enjoy
Learn: Teach others and let others teach you
Laugh: Have a great time being in Hillel
Execute: Do what we need to do to thrive
Leverage: Sustain the organization for the future
Let’s Share Hillel With Everyone!

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship meetings are a time of Bible study, encouragement, prayer, fellowship, and planning. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.

Why you should join this organization?
We are a safe and accepting club on campus where students can develop relationships with each other and Christ. Together we seek to build a community that transforms hearts and encourages each other to live a life led by Christ.

Legacy is a group on campus that exists to spread hope as well as the means to spiritual growth in three ways: by seeking the peace and well-being of the Uhart community; building a movement that will forever encourage the love of God; and increasing the number of people that are a part of this movement.

Why you should join this organization?
As our name implies, we want to start a cycle of service that will exceed the current group and continue long after we’ve left so that there will always be a community ready to demonstrate the love of God.

Welcome to the Newman Club, your home for all things Catholic at UHart! Even if you are not Catholic, please feel free to come. We welcome everyone!

Why you should join this organization?
Join us to learn and grow in your faith through community service activities, retreats, and other fun social events with those who share similar values.

OCF transforms the lives of college students by guiding them along the path to Jesus Christ through His Church, cultivating a campus community of worship, witness, service, fellowship and education.

Why you should join this organization?
A great place to meet other Orthodox Christians on campus while giving back to the community.