Grading System

The University of Hartford uses a standard 4-point grading scale. Each letter is associated with a numerical quality point value. 

Learn more about our grading system, including eligibility for Dean's List and President's List.

Grade and Grade Points

Grade Grade Points/Description
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
F 0.00
P Pass
NP No Pass
NG No Grade Issued
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal
NR No Report from Instructor
V Intra-University Transfer
* Repeat Course Indicator

Credits Required for Classification

Credits Successfully Completed

The following numbers represent credits successfully completed and are inclusive:

Freshmen: 0–23 credits

Sophomores: 24–53 credits

Juniors: 54–86 credits

Seniors: 87+ credits

Credits Classification for Students

Because the College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture (CETA) Baccalaureate programs require approximately 135 credits for graduation, the classification for students is as follows:

Freshmen: 0–31 credits

Sophomores: 32–65 credits

Juniors: 66–99 credits

Seniors: 100+ credits

How It's Calculated

The grade point average is obtained by multiplying academic credits by grade point value for the grade assigned in each course and dividing the sum of the grade points by the total number of academic credits attempted. Note: Courses marked NG, W, P, NP, or I are not included in the calculation of the GPA.


Grade Point Average

Course Grade Credits Grade Points
Course I A- 3 3.67
Course 2 B+ 3 3.33
Course 3 B- 3 2.67

How to Determine Grade Point Average

Multiply Credits by Grade Points

3 x 3.67 = 11.01

3 x 3.33 = 9.99

3 x 2.67 = 8.01

Add all Grade Point Totals

11.01 + 9.99 + 8.01 = 29.01

Add all credits

3 + 3 + 3 = 9

Divide Grade Point Total by Credit Total

29.01 / 9 = 3.22

GPA = 3.22

Dean's List and President's List Eligibility

Dean’s List

Dean’s Lists of students achieving superior standing are issued once each semester for full-time students and once each academic year for part-time students.

The grade requirement, with some exceptions, is a grade point average of at least 3.0 and no grade below C. There are exceptions to this based on school/college.

See full list of requirements for Dean's List on our Course Catalog.

President’s List

The President’s List of students achieving the highest standing is issued once a semester for full-time students. Selected each semester for the President’s List are those students who are designated by the schools and colleges to be on the Dean’s Lists and who meet the following grade requirements:

To be placed on the President’s List, the student must maintain a GPA of at least a 3.75 and receive grades of C or better during the period in question.

Spring 2020 Temporary Changes to Grading

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and the move to online classes, we understand this creates some uncertainty for our students. We want to do whatever we can to help minimize concerns so that you can focus your efforts on your coursework.
  • We are temporarily lifting the rule that only “one class per semester may be taken P/NP”. You may elect, for this semester only, to take any of your courses on a P/NP basis to minimize concerns over how grades will impact your GPA. (Note: this does not include Term 1, 7-week courses.)
    • However, this comes with a number of considerations that you must discuss with your advisor.
    • Some programs require a specific grade (e.g., B or better) in a course in order to advance in the major or earn your degree. In this case, a P/NP option is not a good choice, or the course will have to be retaken in the future to meet program requirements.
    • Some programs require grades to meet accreditation requirements. In these cases, a P/NP option is not a good choice, or the course will have to be retaken in the future for a letter grade.
    • For current undergraduate students, many graduate and professional programs require a grade in a course when applying to the program. In this case, a P/NP option is not advisable, or you should retake the course in the future.
    • You may need a certain GPA in order to be removed from Academic Probation or to be placed on Dean’s List.  If this is important to you, you should weigh the pros and cons of changing courses to P/NP when reviewing with your academic advisor.
  • Changes to grading options, including P/NP and withdrawals can be made until May 5th (the last day of classes). If you want to change a course to P/NP or W, you must:
    • Inform your advisor or graduate program director via email of the desire to make the change. Please include your:
      • ID number
      • Course title
      • Course Registration Number (CRN)
    • Your advisor or graduate program director will review any concerns and give you an opportunity to respond.
    • Your advisor or graduate program director will then notify the Center for Student Success ( to change the grading option to P/NP or W. This must be done on or before May 5.

Can I elect to take more than one course as a P/NP?

Yes, but please talk to your advisor or graduate program director first about implications

Can I elect to take a course in my major as a P/NP?

Yes, you can, but may need to repeat the course if this course is the pre-requisite for another in your program where there is a specific grade requirement. Talk to your advisor or graduate program director.

Can I take WRT 110/210 as a P/NP? Normally we can’t.

Yes, you can for this semester only

Is this decision retro-active for courses taken in the first 7-weeks?


How will this impact my financial aid?

Taking a course P/NP does not impact your financial aid. However, if you are currently on probation or have received an academic warning letter then a grade of P will not help your GPA. This issue is under discussion at the federal level and we will be following up with more information about potential impacts to financial aid very soon.

Can I still be eligible for Dean’s List or President’s List if I take more than one P/NP?

Yes. Stay tuned for more details from your college.

Will it look bad on my transcript if I take more than one P/NP this semester?

All Universities are encountering the exact same situations we are and therefore this will likely not stand out in the same way it would have in a normal semester. You should talk about this with your advisor

Can I withdraw from multiple courses?

Yes, but please be aware of credit requirements to maintain satisfactory academic progress and receive financial aid. Talk with your advisor.