Stephan Bullard

Stephan Bullard headshot

Dept. Chair of Math & Science; Professor of Biology

Mathematics & Science

Hillyer College
860.768.4487 Hillyer Hall 152

PhD in Marine Sciences, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

BS in Marine Biology, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Stephan Bullard is a professor of biology. He teaches several courses, including Environmental Science, Disasters, and Living in the Environment.

"I love working with Hillyer students, because I share a similar background," says Bullard. "You never would have guessed from my high school records that I would eventually become a college professor. It was interactions with college faculty members that helped develop (or more accurately helped focus) my lifetime love of learning."

Bullard's research interests include:

  • Marine Biology, specifically, the ecology of invasive marine species (sea squirts), benthic ecology, and planktonology
  • Disasters

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