UHart to Launch Master of Healthcare Administration Program

MHA student

The University of Hartford’s Barney School of Business is launching a new Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program this fall.

The MHA program prepares aspiring health care professionals to move forward in their careers to take on leadership roles. Upon graduation, professionals with this degree will plan, direct, and coordinate services in various health care delivery settings. Furthermore, graduates will have the opportunity to pursue careers in consulting, the medical device industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and payer organizations.

The Barney School of Business is accredited by AACSB and will seek the CAHME accreditation to increase the competitive advantage of the program. The program will fulfill the requirements of CAHME by offering courses in key areas of health care management: Healthcare Environment; Leadership and Professional Development; Managing Business Operations; and Strategic Management and Innovation.

The program consists of 11 required courses and three elective courses for a total of 42 credits. Students can choose between two concentrations—Healthcare Digital Informatics and Management, or a customized learning experience.

“We developed this program in consultation with industry partners who will contribute as guest speakers and subject matter experts in various courses taught by business and health professions faculty,” says Barney School Interim Dean Carmen Cotei.

This new program will prepare students with the analytical, leadership, and critical- thinking skills necessary to succeed as administrators in health care companies through the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will identify trends and issues in the health care environment including issues related to health disparities and underserved populations.
  • Students will use business principles and techniques to respond to challenges and opportunities in the health care environment and make operational decisions.
  • Students will demonstrate capacity to lead others and communicate effectively within and across health care organizations.
  • Students will be able to make strategic decisions for health care organizations.

We are very excited to launch the new Master in Healthcare Administration (MHA) program in Fall 2024!  This program prepares future health care leaders dedicated to improving health services and addressing the emerging trends in health care innovation.

Carmen Cotei, Interim Barney Dean

With the program cross integrating with courses in UHart’s College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions (ENHP), Cesarina Thompson, dean of ENHP, says, “We are excited to partner with the Barney School of Business to offer a Master in HealthCare Administration in response to the growing demand for professionals with this credential." The U.S. health care industry is massive, yet access to services is not always effective and efficient. This program will fill the need for better prepared professionals who can contribute to more equitable health care access."

UHart graduates will be well prepared for roles that include medical and health services manager, health specialties teacher, administrative services manager, general and operations manager, emergency management director, social worker in health care, and human resources manager.

Cotei explains that “Connecticut’s health sector is a major economic driver with significant growth and advancement. Graduates with an MHA degree are very sought after by many health care organizations looking to recruit administrators with the right combination of business and health care skills. According to the State of Connecticut’s occupational projections for 2020–2030, the jobs in the medical and health services administrators category have a projected growth rate of 29% and a median annual wage of $130,500.”

Data Source: Connecticut Department of Labor, State of Connecticut Occupational Projections 2020- 2030, and Short Term Occupational Projections

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