Graduate Housing

Make Yourself at Home While Earning Your Graduate Degree.

The University of Hartford has several housing options for graduate students, including the recent renovation of existing housing.

We have designed our graduate housing so students like you can focus on the other important things in front of you as you prepare for your studies. The renovations upgraded the spaces and made them feel like home without the added stress of securing housing, finding furniture, and coordinating utilities.

Some highlights of the units are below:

  • Housing communities will be comprised of only graduate students and will feature fully renovated single and double bedrooms, bathrooms, and shared living spaces.
  • Two bedroom- one bath and 3 bedroom- two bath units are available.
  • Units are conveniently located to your classes, lab spaces and the library.
  • Facilities are completely furnished including bedroom, living room, and kitchen furniture as well as kitchen appliances and a microwave.
  • All utilities including water, electricity, trash, and heat are included.
  • Flexible lease opportunities based on your needs during the academic year (available during summer term).