Aurian Emami '20

Aurian Emami

It was through hard work, utilizing campus supports, and academic connections that Aurian Emami, senior in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA), landed a full time position prior to graduation as a pharmacy automation engineer at Cigna. He will graduate with a BS in electromechanical engineering technology. UHart is one of the few Universities in the entire nation to offer electromechanical engineering as a discipline.

Prior to landing his job at Cigna, Emami had two internships during his time as a CETA student. Those internships were gained through the help of professors and the use of on-campus resources, such as the Center for Student Success, Internship office and the Career and Professional Development’s Career Studio.

Additionally, Aurian did an independent study with Kiwon Sohn, assistant professor of robotics, which involved creating a fully autonomous baby go kart for a child with autism. Equipped with sensors and code, the baby go kart is able to drive it self and avoid all obstacles. Emami says of Sohn, “He is the most knowledgeable, passionate, patient, and respectful person I've had the privilege of working with. I look up to him as my mentor and role model. He is the reason i became so heavily focused in the robotics field. Every single day with him is a day of lots of learning and laughs. I owe part of my success story to him and have made a lifelong friend I will keep in touch with long after graduation!” Emami is proud to say that their work is officially being published at an international conference for engineers this Summer!

Aurian says that his time at UHart has been “absolutely incredible and life changing.” He came to UHart from California and, despite being many miles from home, he felt at home on campus.  He says, “There is constant support, motivation, activities, and rewards. The experience is all about the effort you're willing to put in!”

When asked what his favorite thing is about UHart, Emami says: “The advantage of going to a private school like Uhart is that you don't have many students in the class. As opposed to big public universities which can have hundreds of students in a single auditorium. By having only a few students in each course allows significantly more hands on practice and guidance from the professor. This was a big factor for me.”

Aurian encourages new students to get out of their comfort zone, not be afraid to put themselves out there and try everything UHart has to offer. “The school is filled with support systems that make it so easy” to learn, connect, create and succeed.