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Nash Bradley ’21

July 08, 2020
man in front of train

Nash Bradley ’21, a mechanical engineering major in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA), returned to NJ Transit this summer for a second internship.

Last year, he worked in Facilities Engineering & Design in the Capital Programs and Planning department, where he largely worked on aspects of the proposed Lyndhurst train station. This year, he is working with the Equipment Design & Engineering (ED&E) sector, which is part of the Capital Planning Department. In ED&E, he is assisting with locomotive specifications including the ALP-46A and GP40, as well as overhaul projects. Bradley also works on presentations and justification documents that are presented to Procurement for new rolling stock and overhauls. Bradley is applying much of the knowledge he’s learned in key mechanical engineering classes at his internship. “Classes like Mechanical Design (ME470) and Engineering and Design (ES242) have been very beneficial,” he says.  “Several topics I read about in specification sheets are part of the curriculum in ME470, and ES242, which has really helped me collaborate and communicate clearly with other engineers—crucial during an epidemic.”

Bradley decided to pursue a mechanical engineering degree because of the wide variety of occupations and fields that mechanical engineers are involved in. “For example, at a railroad, a mechanical engineer may be involved in HVAC for buildings or locomotives/passenger cars, pipe flow and system construction, management, and equipment design/specifications,” he says as it relates to his internship experience.

Bradley’s dream job is to work for a railroad, either passenger or freight. ”I like equipment design and overhaul design/specification,” he says. “Down the road, I’m considering training to be a locomotive engineer or conductor for a tourist or short-line railroad. I am a huge railfan at heart, so interning at NJ Transit has really been a treat for me. It’s really interesting to see how a railroad operates behind the scenes and how design ideas can affect millions of commuters.”

When asked why he chose to attend UHart, Bradley was impressed with its small classes and great location. Being right near the capital of Connecticut, there are many great companies nearby that students can intern and work for. He also credits many faculty for his success. “Professors like Todd Brown, Ivana Milanovic, and Cy Yavuzturk have really helped me succeed and have pushed me to be a better student,” he says.

The small class sizes have really helped me understand various topics more thoroughly and develop closer relationships with my professors. I’m never afraid to ask any of them a question, and they’re almost always available to help.

Nash Bradley ’21, mechanical engineering

Bradley has been very involved on campus through many organizations related to his major. He is active with the UHart chapters of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (vice president), the Institute of Transportation Engineers (vice president), and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (president). “My involvement in several clubs lets me expose myself to many people and disciplines,” Bradley explains. “This has helped me transition to the workplace.”