Alberto Benitez '22

Alberto Benitez '22—John G. Martin and Marian A. Bills Scholarship Recipient

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Alberto Benitez ’22, an Architectural Design + Technology major, was the 2021 recipient of the John G. Martin and Marian A. Bills Scholarship which sends one University of Hartford graduate to a top UK University for their graduate studies. Benitez has applied to pursue a master’s degree in Architecture in the UK. He hopes that this opportunity will make him a well-rounded individual and give him a strong direction for the rest of his career.

Reflecting upon his recognition as the recipient of this scholarship, Benitez feels very validated that his hard work has paid off. “I have focused a lot on my studies over the past four years and Architecture is a really challenging and competitive program, so for the scholarship committee to deem me worthy of this award, it means everything.”
Nearing graduation in the spring, Alberto has had the opportunity to really grow as a person while at UHart. He is graduating with a direction and purpose. He originally came to UHart because he was impressed with the programs that CETA had to offer, and he has stayed because he “loves the people, the campus, and the energy—plus the campus lawn and flowers in the springtime are intoxicating.” He credits the architecture program for helping him to develop skills that he never thought he would have, and connections and relationships that he will be able to call upon for years to come. Benitez is taking advantage of the accelerated graduate program offered in UHart’s architecture department and has been taking a few graduate level courses during his senior year so he will graduate prepared for the next chapter of his studies.

People really aren’t kidding when they say you will remember college for the rest of your life.”

Alberto Benitez '22,

Beyond the classroom, Alberto serves as the president of the Ping Pong Club, which he joined his freshman year. He continues to take advantage of the campus activities that UHart has to offer—some favorites include Bingo and Food Truck Fridays.
When asked about this UHart experience, Benitez replied: “People really aren’t kidding when they say you will remember college for the rest of your life.”
Alberto would like to give a special thank you to everyone in the Architecture Department for an amazing four years and a special thanks to Professor Stephen Smith, and Dr. Timothy Adekunle for writing him amazing recommendations for grad school.

Examples of Alberto's Architectural Designs

Image of the Arrowhead Hotel represents a design for a boutique hotel in downtown Hartford. This project was from the Fall 2021 semester.

A perspective section of an archeology lab designed for a site in Pompeii Italy which is just outside of the ancient city ruins. This was a really fun project from the Spring of 2021.