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Resident Facility Assistant

Facilities employs students as Resident Facility Assistants (RFAs).

what is an rfa?

RFA stands for Resident Facility Assistant. RFAs are residential student leaders who work for Facilities.

what does an rfa do?

RFAs help with residence hall preparation and shutdown, provide direct service for maintenance issues during and after business hours (e.g. replacing light bulbs and shades, unclogging drains, and boarding up broken windows), and routinely inspect residential areas of campus

Benefits of the RFA position include a stipend to cover room and board costs, priority class registration, early move-in, and an opportunity to learn a variety of 'do-it-yourself' skills.

Click here to learn more about the RFA position and application process.

"Obviously any RFAs who go through the program benefit from the information they learn while in the program. But the bigger picture is that having RFAs helps educate the student body. If a plumber or electrician shows up to your door, students expect them to just fix the problem. If a student shows up to fix the problem, I think the other students are more likely to pay attention to how an RFA fixes things, because clearly it's probably something they are capable of doing in the future (plunging a toilet, changing a bulb, and other simple tasks). For the non-simple tasks that RFAs deal with, that gives the program credit and respect."

-Dave McDaniel, RFA '03 - '06