Classroom Technology

Media Technology Services is dedicated to maintaining classroom technology throughout campus, primarily focusing on general purpose classrooms. Every general purpose classroom is equipped with a digital projector or flat panel, laptop connection, DVD/VCR, and transparency projector. Many rooms also feature computers, interactive displays and other technology.

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture services are provided for Personal Capture and Classroom Capture.

Personal Capture

Personal capture software allows you to capture your office or home computer's desktop and record audio and video from a web camera. The software also includes simple editing tools to trim your recordings. When you are finished recording, the next step is to publish your capture to the system, which then emails you with links to the recording and posts links in the Blackboard page for your course.

Classroom Capture

Each classroom equipped with a lecture capture system can record the computer display, the feed from a ceiling mounted camera, and audio from a mounted microphone. Classroom Capture can be set up to record your class for the semester or a one-time recording. In the classroom, you do not have to do anything; we program the system ahead of time and it starts recording at the beginning of your class. When the system finishes processing the recording, links are automatically e-mailed to you and posted to the Blackboard page for your course. Every course set up for Classroom Capture is also set up for use with Personal Capture.

Capture Classrooms – D201 (Mali I),  D202 (Mali II), D232,  Mortensen Library KF Room,  Mortensen Library Woods Family Classroom

If you are interested in getting started with Personal or Classroom Capture, please contact us at

Interactive Display

Many of General Purpose Classrooms feature SMART Podium interactive displays. These are touch screen monitors that sit on the top of the classroom podium. You control the interactive display with a stylus that is tethered to the monitor. The display allows you to annotate PowerPoint presentations, web pages, and just about anything else displayed on the monitor. The software included with the system includes SMART Notebook which allows you to turn the computer display into a virtual whiteboard that you can save at the end of class.

To learn more about the SMART Podium interactive displays please email


AirPlay is a service supported by Apple that allows users to connect to a display device (projector or LCD screen) wirelessly. We are gradually expanding our AirPlay network. This will only work with Apple iPad 2 or newer (Will not work on original iPad) and iPhone 5 running at least iOS 6.

How to Connect:

  1. Set the projector or LCD screen (large screen) to the AppleTV input.
  2. Connect to the WiFi network for the room you are in, ie. airplay-A123. This can be done by selecting WiFi under Settings. You may need to wait a few seconds for it to appear.
  3. Type in the password for that room. See below.
  4. Double click your home button and swipe the icons on the bottom to the right.
  5. Click on the AirPlay icon an select the AppleTV and turn on Mirroring.
  6. In the box on the iPad, type the 4 digit number that appears on the large screen.

To allow another user use the large screen you must repeat steps 4 and 5 and select iPad or iPhone.


To assist in making this process as easy as possible, we have come up with an easy password structure for all classroom spaces. The password is airplayXXX where the XXX is the 3 digit room number of the AppleTV location.


  • Room: A123
  • Network: airplay-A123
  • Password: airplay123

AirPlay Classrooms – A323, A423, A426, CC115, CC117, CC118, D205, D232, D411, H111, H128, H130, H132, H134, H138, HJG E228

Web Conferencing

MTS supports web conferencing through the University's WebEx system and through Skype. Through our request form, you can reserve web cameras and technical support.

To the right, you will find links to request a WebEx account and resources for using WebEx.

WebEx Resources:

Log in or request account. University of Hartford Webex Enterprise

WebEx User Guide

General Purpose Classrooms

Every general purpose classroom has the basic technology of a projector or flat panel display, laptop connection, and a DVD/VCR. Many classrooms also include advanced classroom technology.

Auerbach Hall (A)

A318  A320 A321  A322 A323 A324  A325 A420 A421 A422  A423 A424 A425 A426 A427


Auerbach Computer and Administrative Center (CC)


Dana Hall (D)

D201 (Mali I)  D202 (Mali II) D204  D205 D232 D309 D411  D419 D421

East Hall (E)

E104  E105 E109  E110 E220 E221

Hillyer Hall (H)

H111  H125 H128  H130 H132 H134  H138 H207 H217 H221  H229 H240 H246 H256 H257  H258 H301 H303 H312 H401 H403  H415 H419

Hawk Hall (HH)

HH106  HH115

Harry Jack Gray Center (HJG)

HJG E221

Konover Campus Center (KON)


University Commons (UC)


United Technologies Hall (UT)

UT102  UT303 UT304 UT306  UT308 UT309

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