Important Information
  • Online only courses over the semester break.
  • Term start and end dates: Dec. 27, 2021–Jan. 14, 2022
  • Last day to register is Dec. 21, 2021. 


During Winterterm, you can earn at least 3 credits ahead of schedule, or repeat a course for a better grade. Our expanded selection of online courses enable you to learn from the comfort of home over the semester break.

Registration Information

Please select one of the following to ensure you are properly enrolled. University of Hartford students must register using their Self-Service account. Should you have questions regarding registration, contact the Winterterm/Summerterm Office at 860.768.4235 or email

Current University of Hartford students, please log into the add/drop page of the Self-Service Center to enroll in Winterterm courses. Should you have questions, first contact your academic advisor. 

For those looking to further their education and students who attend college elsewhere during the year, please follow the link to complete our online registration form. 

As an international student, you should complete the registration form and submit the financial letter of support. 

Request to Drop

Drop requirements will be issued with your registration confirmation. Any request to be dropped from a course beyond the drop deadlines set forth by the University will not be processed. To continue and request to drop from a course currently enrolled in, please fill out the following online drop form for guest students. University of Hartford students are to use their Self-Service account.

Reimbursement for Dropping a Course

Online Courses

  • Drop prior classes: 10/01/21–12/25/21
  • Online registration: 10/01/21–12/25/21
  • 100% refund: 12/26/21–12/27/21
  • Drop without refund: 12/28/21–12/30/21
  • Withdrawal dates: 12/31/21–01/06/22
  • P/NP/AU ends: 01/04/22

Winter Contact Information

Please call the Winterterm/Summerterm Office at 860.768.4235 or email

See our complete list of easy-reference phone numbers for other UHart departments and service areas.