Hartford Consortium for Higher Education

The University of Hartford participates in a collaboration between several Hartford area colleges and universities called Hartford Consortium for Higher Education.

  • Over 800 courses are offered for cross registration.
  • Cross-registered students may enjoy borrowing privileges at the enrolled institutions library as well as their own library.
  • If you are a University of Hartford student, please inquire from the enrolling institution library about rules for accessing and borrowing from that college or University.
  • If you are a Consortium member from another University, taking a class at the University of Hartford, please see our Borrowing and Renewing page for students.

About the Consortium

Hartford Consortium for Higher Education is a collaborative endeavor of the public and private colleges and universities in the Hartford area. Founded in 1972, the Consortium is a vehicle for the development of joint programs that serve faculty, students and the wider community. Its programs and initiatives include Career Beginnings, Consortium Grant Program, Cross-registration, Fifth Graders Go To College and Regional Roundtables.

The Mission

Hartford Consortium for Higher Education fosters collaborative endeavors among higher education institutions to:

  • Explore new academic directions through optimal sharing of collegial resources, information, expertise and ideas; 
  • Serve as a catalyst for innovative educational initiatives that respond to a changing educational environment;
  • Encourage educational excellence across the life span; and
  • Assert the role of higher education in the economic, cultural and social life of Hartford and the region.

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