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Risk and Disruptive Technology Institute

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Please contact Institute Director Ken Goroshko at or 860.768.4515 for additional information.

The Risk and Disruptive Technology Institute presents an exciting opportunity for the Barney School of Business along with the Colleges of Arts & Sciences (A&S), Engineering, Technology & Architecture (CETA), and Education, Nursing & Health Professions (ENHP) to develop cross-disciplinary/cross functional learning experiences at the intersection of emerging risk and technology.

Students and faculty across colleges will work together on real-world, innovative projects to better understand risk factors and risk prevention now made possible in today’s digital Internet-of-Things landscape.

The Institute combines:

  • The Barney School of Business’s expertise, reputation, and established partnerships in risk, insurance, finance, and analytics.
  • CETA’s applied focus in various engineering fields
  • ENHP’s health sciences
  • Math, computer sciences and statistics areas in A&S to help students learn all disciplines within risk factors and mitigation.  

Students’ will gain unique business, economic, and technical insights on managing risk that will put them at a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce.

The Institute will offer numerous benefits to member companies. Members will have customized projects conducted by students and supervised by faculty. Projects will be data-driven and focus on solutions around all variety of risk and technology issues impacting their businesses. Our members will also have access to a valuable, cross-disciplinary talent pipeline.

Each year, the Institute will also host a summit for members, students, and faculty to network and gain fresh insights on disruptive technologies related to risk management.

Membership Information

Benefits for Industry Partners

  • Customized projects, conducted by students and supervised by faculty, for data-driven and technical solutions of risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Participation in the Risk and Disruptive Technology Institute Summit, an annual event featuring student project presentations and industry keynote speakers.
  • Access to a valuable, cross-disciplinary talent pipeline.
  • Invitations to Barney School of Business risk, insurance, finance, health and other conferences, symposia, and related programming.
  • Opportunities for research, internship, and other forms of student and faculty engagement.
  • Networking opportunities with other risk professionals.

Institute Membership and Responsibilities

  • Scope and sponsor one company-specific project per year.
  • Participate in the annual conference.
  • Help expose students to the field of risk and insurance via mentorship, internship, and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Share industry member’s expertise with students and faculty through guest lectures and networking events.
  • Provide feedback and input on Institute activities.
  • Annual $25,000 membership fee.
  • Representation on the Institute advisor board.
  • Additional gifts for special programming, scholarships, or events may be arranged.

Please contact Institute Director Ken Goroshko at or 860.768.4515 for additional information.

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