Caryn Christensen

Caryn Christensen headshot

Associate Professor of Psychology


College of Arts and Sciences
860.768.5168 E 204A

PhD, Ohio University

MA, Ohio University

BA, St. Lawrence University

My research focuses on the psychology of decision making in applied settings (primarily in clinical or medical settings). For instance, research shows that, because of psychological reactions to risk, physicians and patients are more likely to decide to undergo surgery when it is presented as having a specific survival rate (95% chance of survival) rather than an equivalent mortality rate (5% chance of mortality). Hence it is important to understand psychological factors that influence decisions and develop methods of avoiding errors in decision making such as the utilization of decision aids. In addition to my work in individual decision making, I am interested in how groups discuss information and how individual characteristics (gender, leadership style, etc.) influence group processes. Finally, I enjoy hearing about research ideas in areas beyond my own realm of work, particularly in applied areas (clinical, school, IO psychology). I welcome the opportunity to provide any research consultation or guidance that may be helpful