Laura Enzor

Assistant Professor


College of Arts and Sciences
860.768.4628 D 231

Postdoctoral Fellow, United States Environmental Protection Agency

PhD, University of South Carolina

MS, University of West Florida

BA, University of Colorado at Boulder

My research centers around questions in the field of ecological physiology; how an organism uses its physiology to adapt to its environment and what form these adaptations may take. Specifically, I examine both the whole organism and cellular-level responses to anthropogenic climate change factors (temperature, acidification, hypoxia and salinity), and strive to answer questions of what short-term physiological adjustments organisms must undergo to cope with a changing environment, and potentially identify long-term adaptations.

I work with aquatic organisms from all environments (marine, brackish and freshwater), and explore how stress response pathways, energy demands, and acid-base homeostasis are impacted by both environmental and seasonal changes these organisms must face.

Additionally, I investigate how climate change influences native/invasive interactions, and if the current environmental changes we are seeing will enhance invasion by non-native species.

Ecological physiology, global climate change, molecular and cellular biology