Yingcui Li

Yingcui Li headshot

Associate Professor


College of Arts and Sciences
860.768.4533 BC 160F

PhD, Temple University

Research Interests:

Yingcui Li's research is on genes and development. As a developmental biologist and cartilage biologist, her research has been focused on function of Hyaluronan, a large molecular made by cartilage cells, for limb and synovial joint development. Recently, she has developed transgenic mouse models for the genetic analysis of Hyaluronan function in Osteoarthritis. The general goal of her research is to provide insight into new targets and reveal new approaches for Osteoarthritis treatment, including novel drug target or gene therapy.

Yingcui Li's research has been supported by the Arthritis National Research Foundation and she has been awarded as an ANRF scholar. She is currently a member of the Society of Developmental Biology (SDB) and the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB). She is also an invited member of the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences (ISHAS).

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