Michelle Rabideau (Martin)

Assistant Professor


College of Arts and Sciences
860.768.4816 D 214

PhD, University of Connecticut

MAT, Rhode Island College

BS, University of Connecticut

My research focuses on algebra and combinatorics. Specifically, I employ combinatorial tools to obtain results that contribute to the study of cluster algebras, combinatorics and number theory. My work incorporates methods and techniques related to continued fractions, perfect matchings of graphs, lattice paths, Christoffel words, Lagrange numbers etc. I am interested in promoting student success in calculus by encouraging investigative and collaborative activities in Precalculus to build the foundation many students need.

Courses Taught:

  • M140 Precalculus
  • M144: Calculus I
  • M145: Calculus I
  • M220: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
  • M221W: Discrete Mathematics 1
  • M370: Foundations of Geometry
  • M420: Intro to Modern Algebra
  • M480: Various topics

My free time is spent with family, friends and my pets. I have a cat named Cat and a dog named Pickles. If you meet me, you will be sure to hear about all of the trouble those two get into! I read for fun every night. I prefer fiction, specifically, epic fantasy novels. I am always glad to take suggestions on new books, television shows and movies to enjoy, so please share with me anything you think I would like. I also enjoy hiking, gardening and baking. Lastly, I like having a creative outlet and tend to jump from one crafty project to the next.