Thomas Bellama

Clinical/Applied Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Sciences

College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions
860.768.5190 D 410J ResearchGate

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Northern Arizona University

Bachelor of Science, Arizona State University

Thomas Bellama is a Certified Orthopedic Specialist by the ABPTS and his teaching focuses on the foundational aspects of orthopedic and musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment. His expertise is in clinical movement analysis, evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, and development and implementation of community-based exercise programs.

Despite living in Connecticut, he continues as the director of a postpartum rehabilitation program in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and is developing an injury prevention programming specific to the limited resources of the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association.

His research interests include movement analysis as a diagnostic tool, validation of an evidence based running analysis and treatment protocol developed and utilized as a clinician, and examining the feasibility and compliance with injury prevention programs delivered entirely remotely.