Sima Brodsky

Sima Brodsky headshot

Piano Faculty

HCD Music

Hartt Community Division
F 19

M.M., The Hartt School, Piano Performance

B.M., New England Conservatory of Music, Piano Performance

  • Studies with Gabriel Chodos, Anne Koscielny, and Raymond Hanson
  • Former visiting artist, Trinity College
  • Former faculty, New England Conservatory Extension Division
  • Former faculty of Miss Porter's School
  • Connecticut State Music Teachers Association member and Hartford Chapter President (2001-2004)
  • Hartford Music Teachers Alliance board member, and president since 2017
  • Hartt Community Division faculty member since 1984

I aim to help every student reach their potential. Students come in all kinds. They each have their unique and individual qualities, needs, and abilities. My job is to nurture through teaching, and bring out the best in each and every one of them. I set the bar high, and I teach by the example of my own hard work. The students know that I won’t give them false praise, and are genuinely rewarded when they accomplish something new. I have an environment of respect, mutual trust, and yet fun in my studio. We work together, make decisions (with my guidance) together, and work as a team to reach the highest caliber they’re able to produce.

Every lesson in my studio includes technic, as well as the repertoire the students are working on. We often visit theory, form and analysis, stylistic traits of the composer, as well as the historical period. Every lesson includes a performance –at various levels. We play back and forth, and sometimes together.

It’s very important for me to help my students teach themselves and learn to work independently. They learn how to problem solve, think, and use their ears as their best guide. I treat my students as intelligent, capable musicians who are eager to learn and grow.

I’m always looking for (and finding) new and unique ways to reach a student. I will stop at no attempt to help a student in every imaginable way. I believe that if there’s a problem, there is a solution waiting to be found. I find whatever it is (humanly possible) to reach a student. I hardly ever give up on a student.

I try to make every lesson a good lesson; through inspiring the student and opening their hearts and minds to their work. It’s always thrilling to have a “light bulb” moment! However, slow, gradual learning is okay, too.