Karen Ivette Tejada-Peña

Karen Ivette Tejada-Peña headshot

Associate Professor of Sociology

Social Science

Hillyer College
860.768.4713 Hillyer Hall 113D

PhD, University at Albany

BA, UC Santa Barbara

Karen Tejada-Peña is an associate professor of sociology. She teaches Introductory Sociology; Introduction to Ethnic Studies; Sociology of Immigration; Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality; and Introduction to Criminal Justice.

"Hillyer students are curious, dynamic, evolve, and care about learning," says Tejada-Peña. "Their diverse experiences contribute to a learning environment that engages us all. I look forward to pass on my love for sociology to the next generation."

Tejada-Peña's research interests include:

  • Criminal Justice and Qualitative Methods
  • Central Americans in the U.S.
  • Immigrants and political mobilization
  • Transnationalism and grassroots work

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