Rebecca Zablocki

Rebecca Zablocki headshot

Assistant Coordinator of Admission

Dean's Office for Art, Admission - Undergraduate

Hartford Art School
860.768.5486 V 161

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Hartford

Rebecca Zablocki received her BFA from the Hartford Art School in 2014.

Rebecca is a New York born, Connecticut based interdisciplinary artist. She creates work about chronic health issues and healing, with handmade paper, fibers, printmaking, clay and found objects.

Artist Statement:

My current body of work has emerged from my personal experience with physical and mental health issues. Autoimmune disease, chronic pain, anxiety, etc. are issues that touch the lives of many, including myself and some of my loved ones. I hope to use my work as a tool to cope, as well as to provide validation for viewers that may be dealing with sickness, pain or are care-takers for someone that is. For those that are unaware, or have not experienced what it is like to deal with chronic health issues, I hope to bring awareness and encourage empathy.