UHart Students Connect with Music and Tech Industry Insiders

November 22, 2019

Through the Real Industry Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Mentorship Program, a nonprofit that connects women and underrepresented minorities with mentors in music and technology, University of Hartford students are completing four-week design challenges under the guidance of executives from industry giants like YouTube and Apple.

Students leave with a better understanding of how to start a career in music and technology, as well as an inside connection to a company where the want to start a career.

Gabe Herman, an assistant professor of music industry at The Hartt School who helped  bring Real Industry to UHart, knew the exceptionally diverse campus made it the ideal workshop for Real Industry's goal of providing equitable access to the country's most competitive companies.

"We can help students who want to apply for jobs at places like BMG, YouTube, or Apple get their resume to the top of the pile. This mentorship program creates a direct connection that's useful to students. It's a door through which they can explore and challenge their notions about what the landscape of life after college looks like."

Gabe Herman, Assistant Professor of Music Industry at The Hartt School
Luis Pratt, manager of social media and digital marketing at BMG, joined the group via Skype as a keynote speaker, and issued a mini challenge to kick off the event. He spoke about the benefits mentorship and how to get the most out of the experience.

Additional executives from major companies including YouTube, Fender, SiriusXM, Amazon, PayPal, Eventbrite, and Apple, volunteered to serve as mentors for student groups. Participating students ranked their preference of companies to work with according to their career interests.

Gabe Herman working with students in the music industry program at The Hartt School.

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