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Leading in the Pandemic Workshop Led by Karen Hinds, CEO of Workplace Success Group LLC.

June 09, 2020

The current pandemic has created new work environments with many unprecedented challenges. Remote teams and virtual communications are coupled with anxiety and the fear of uncertainty. Now more than ever, confident, effective, and present leaders are needed to engage, reassure, calm, and motivate their staff.

On May 20, 2020, the Barney School of Business hosted a 1-hour free webinar on ‘Leading Confidently in Times of Crisis”, led by Karen Hinds, CEO of Workplace Success Group LLC. The program was organized and promoted in partnership with the Women’s Business Center and open to the University of Hartford staff, faculty, students, and alumni, as well as Barney national and global partners. 125 registered and 103 attended, representing six countries. The participants were inspired by Karen’s engaging, inspiring and informative presentation, describing 3 types of leader response during the crisis, including the desired one – a leader that is responsive and empathetic and takes decisive action. Focusing on the 5 Cs of leading confidently – Confidence, Clarity, Care, Communication, and Collaboration, the speaker provided an honest and open environment to share practical tips and ideas leaders can implement immediately in their companies. The positive feedback made this a must-hear for anyone trying to find, develop, and perfect their leadership skills.