Media Features UHart Student with Undiagnosed Condition

Avery Murphy
Avery Murphy

The best colleges are communities on a campus. Many go further than that by being a community of true friends and partners. As reported on NBC Connecticut news and in the Hartford Courant, such is the case at the University of Hartford, where an on-campus nurse practitioner made it possible for a first-year student to receive life-saving treatment for a previously undiagnosed condition.

Avery Murphy, once an active teen, had significant trouble walking to class. She became weak and winded after just a few steps. She visited Health Services, run by Hartford Healthcare, where Laura Gezelman immediately made arrangements for her to visit Hartford Hospital. Murphy’s own primary care physician in Massachusetts had a waiting list of over a month.

It was at Hartford Hospital where Murphy was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a chronic but manageable autoimmune condition. The grateful freshman is back on campus, going from class to class and looking forward to studying for a career in health care.  

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