Success Stories

Abigail Pollock '20

May 18, 2020
Abigail Pollock

For graduating senior Abigail Pollock, the support and guidance from UHart’s faculty was key to her success as an undergraduate.  Abigail studied music education at The Hartt School and was hired before graduation as an elementary general music teacher in Provincetown, MA. Abigail says that her “favorite thing about UHart was the faculty's level of expertise for their crafts.”
During her studies, Pollock worked closely with saxophone professor, Carrie Koffman, in weekly lessons, technique classes, studio classes, quartet coachings, and saxophone ensemble rehearsals. She also worked with Dr. Hart from the music education department. “I got much personal feedback on my teaching strengths and weaknesses” while working with the Hartt School’s faculty.
According to Abigail, “The faculty at UHart, particularly in The Hartt School, taught me the importance of being a good musical performer and to value teaching and pedagogy. She also says that it was with this balance that she feels “very prepared to be an effective music teacher.”
The Hartt School provided Pollock with many opportunities to observe and practice teaching. As a part of her curriculum, she completed internships at schools close to home during winter breaks, and she had her teaching practicum at the University of Hartford Magnet School and Simsbury High School. Abigail also had a semester of student teaching in Bristow Middle School in West Hartford.
In addition to her fruitful work with professors and internships, Abigail was a member of the Women's Advancement Initiative LEAD program, which provided her with ample preparation and tips for interviews. LEAD stands for Leadership Education and Development, and it is a program designed specifically for undergraduate women and focuses on leadership development, resilience coaching, and career readiness.
Abigail says that her “experience at UHart was very intense and helped me develop a strong sense of self-motivation and focus.” These qualities will serve her well as she moves into the next chapter of her musical journey. When asked what she would tell incoming students, she says, “My advice is to be a well-rounded person. Keep a healthy balance of your studies, social time, and personal care.”