Sarah Gada ‘23

Sarah Gada '23
Sarah Gada '23

Sarah Gada ‘23, is a double major in Finance & Risk Management and Insurance. She has already accepted an offer from Aetna/CVS Health and will be beginning their Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) in June 2023.

Sarah says that Barney provided her with an extensive education in finance and risk management and insurance. She had the pleasure to work with various professors who strongly encouraged and supported her through her college career and job search. While she gained a base knowledge in the classroom, she’s glad she was able to participate in outside projects on campus such as the 2021 Travelers Actuarial Case Competition, Gamma Iota Sigma Future of Insurance Competition, and Women's Advancement Networking Events.

Through these resources, she was able to become a well-rounded individual with a broad network with many industry professional connections that helped her get the job she got. “As I went through various interview processes, I was told I actually stood out from other applicants since I had both insurance industry knowledge and experience.”

100% of Barney students complete an internship before graduating. Sarah completed a Summer internship at The Hartford Insurance Group as a Personal Lines Product Management Intern. During the summer before her junior year, she did The Hartford's Early Immersion Program where she was recruited for the Product Management Internship Program. She later completed the Product Internship the summer before her senior year.

Sarah credits several Barney professors for being strong advisory figures to her as she made her way into the insurance industry. She is currently working with Professor Ken Goroshko to complete an independent study. This semester she is completing two professional certifications to better prepare her for the work she will be doing at Aetna/CVS Health. She says, “Professor Goroshko has been extremely helpful in mentoring me and being an absolute role model as I complete my last semester at UHart.”

Her advice to incoming students: Keep an open mind, get involved, and enjoy your time here because it flies by!

My four years at UHart definitely helped me to achieve this job opportunity. Being a Barney student, I completed many courses that taught me what it took to work in business.

Sarah Gada '23, Barney School of Business