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Shortly before graduation, Hartt student lands position at The Ridgefield Playhouse

May 01, 2023
Madison Bantle ‘23
Madison Bantle ‘23

Madison Bantle ‘23 always had a love for music. During her time at The Hartt School, she learned how to apply this passion to a profession, and three days prior to graduation, she landed a position at The Ridgefield Playhouse. The performing arts center presents more than 200 live shows annually, including music, dance, Broadway performers, comedy, speakers, and more.

At Hartt, Bantle majored in music management, graduating this past winter. While she contemplated seeking a music spotlight, she ultimately pursued her desire to help others make their dreams a reality. At The Ridgefield Playhouse, Bantle is a booking assistant and contract administrator, working closely with the managing directors.

When looking back at her time at Hartt, Bantle cites the people and the connections she formed as influential to her current career path. Professors Mehmet Dede and Marcus Thomas—and countless others—“made my time at Hartt incredible and meaningful.” She credits Dede as recommending her for the position at the Playhouse.

While at the University, Bantle engaged in many activities, including Red Tail Records. One of her favorite memories was the group’s first fundraiser, where the student-run record label raised money to purchase live music equipment. Bantle was also involved in internships, including working for Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac’s nonprofit, Music is Art. Additionally, she conducted research for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. 

In her spare time, Bantle infuses her passion for the arts and helping others through her business, Deck of Cards. She creates handmade cards, notecards, and invitations, including custom designs. Deck of Cards was started during Bantle’s sophomore year, when she was studying remotely and managing a chronic illness. Originally a creative outlet, her card-making sparked her entrepreneur side when it began to flourish with the expansion of selling to retailers in New York and at various craft events. 

Since working at the Playhouse, Bantle has helped booked some incredible acts, including Ace Frehley from KISS, Hunter Hayes, Tower Power, and Andy Summers from the Police. She credits her education at Hartt as being crucial to her success in her career path, as ‘being able to use the skills I learned in my classes on a daily basis at my job is so helpful.” Bantle’s experiences at Hartt, combined with her deep interests in music, people, and the creative realm, propelled her to where she is now. She may not be the star of a show, but she’s proving to excel as one of the supporting cast of players that make many shows successful. 

Being able to use the skills I learned in my class on a daily basis at my job is so helpful.

Madison Bantle ‘23, The Hartt School