Retirement Celebration for Six Barney Faculty/Staff Members on April 16

Join us on Tuesday, April 16, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., in the Auerbach Stanley Black & Decker Commons to celebrate and recognize the retirements of six Barney faculty/staff members.

Celia Lofink, Assistant Dean of Career Ready Programs and Clinical Assistant Professor of Management, has made an irreplaceable mark on the Barney School of Business and our students. Her impact on students knows no bounds, as she has helped hundreds, if not thousands of students, secure internships and launch their careers. As the “mother hen” of Barney, all will miss her energy and spirit in the community.

Jim Bannister has been the Department Chair of the Accounting & Taxation department for over 20 years. Jim has been a Professor at the University for 30 years and made a profound impact on accounting and MSAT students throughout the years.

Bharat Kolluri, Professor of Economics, has been at the Barney School of Business for 48 years—a legacy that will be hard to compete with. In 2004, he was awarded the prestigious Bent Award for Scholarly and/or Artistic Creativity. Over the years, he held several roles, including chairing the Department of Economics and later the Department of Economics, Finance and Insurance.

Mahmoud Wahab, Professor of Finance, has been at the Barney School for 34 years. He was awarded the prestigious Bent Award for Scholarly and/or Artistic Creativity here at UHart in 2012.

Susan Wahab, Professor of Accounting, joined the Barney School of Business in 2006. She has taught accounting at both undergraduate and graduate level and had prior faculty appointments at the University of Massachusetts Boston and CCSU. She is an alumnus of the University of Hartford (M’91) 

Marilyn Risi, Executive Director of Upper Albany Main Street (UAMS), has been here at Barney since the founding of UAMS in 2000.

Barney would like to thank them all for their commitment to the University and for being amazing educators, supporters, and leaders throughout their time at UHart. We congratulate you all on your retirements and wish you much joy and success in this new chapter of your lives.