The Presidents' College Names Acting Director for the 2024–25 Academic Year

Nancy Stuart welcomed by Michele Troy.
Nancy Stuart welcomed by Michele Troy.

There is good news for the Presidents’ College, UHart’s lifelong learning program, in the 2024–25 academic year: Nancy Stuart, Dean Emerita of the Hartford Art School, has graciously agreed to step in as Acting Director while current Director, Michele Troy, takes a year-long sabbatical.  

“I’m thrilled at this news,” says Troy, “and you will be, too, when you see the exciting program we are concocting for the fall. We’re having fun already—meeting up weekly, brainstorming ideas, and introducing Nancy to our Volunteers. I’m so grateful that Nancy is bringing her talents, creativity, and connections to our community. I’ll return in fall 2025, but know that she will lead with her usual grace and verve, continuing to build our great momentum.” 

Stuartretired from HAS in 2023 after twelve years serving as dean. “I am excited by the opportunity to continue working with the entire UHart community and maintaining the positive momentum at the Presidents’ College, inspired by Professor Troy’s leadership,” notes Stuart.  “I hope to bring to the position all the connections and community building I nurtured at the Hartford Art School.  

Troy and Stuart are cooking up an abundance for Fall 2024, including: supersonic flight, femmes fatales in film, recorded music then and now, a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a curator, and modern detective fiction. Jilda Aliotta takes up the implications of the latest Supreme Court decisions, while Warren Goldstein’s Hot Topics will be even hotter in election season. Catherine Stevenson brings her delight in Victorian literature and contemporary theater to Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde on Page and Stage, in partnership with the Hartford Stage. Don’t forget Javon Jackson and Matt Dechamplain who will hone our ear for jazz and Mike Magee, who will delve into the future of A.I. in medicine. There’s more, of course:  more of our Conversations series (free for Fellows who donate $100 for the year), more current events, more great books to discuss. And all UHart faculty and staff are eligible for one free lecture per semester or $20 off a multi-session course.  

Curious to know more? Registration will open by mid-August at Or attend the free fall Kickoff at the Joseloff Gallery, on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m. There’ll be music and good cheer and a few words from some of our fall speakers, up against the backdrop of an inspiring Faculty Art Show.