Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Dedicated to learning, personal growth, knowledge creation and the betterment of society, the University engages students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and values necessary to thrive in and contribute to a pluralistic, complex world.

Vision Statement

We combine a traditionally strong commitment to shared community values of support and encouragement with academic challenge in a wide variety of programs and disciplines in order to prepare our students for success in the 21st century.

Values Statement

At the University of Hartford we are committed to community. We are an academic community that values integrity, curiosity, creativity, excellence, responsibility, and accomplishment. Enriched by our diversity and our engagement with one another, we take pride in our shared traditions and experiences. We are dedicated to building a culture that respects all of its members and celebrates their contributions as we work together to strengthen our community.

Civility Statement

As a University we foster a climate of civility; as members of our community, we engage with one another, maintaining the highest standard of ethical, inclusive, and empathetic behaviors. We assume responsibility for our words, choices, and actions and their impact on others as we expect other members of the community will do the same. Our community is a place where people can have a free and open exchange of diverse ideas and disagree respectfully.

Strategic Plan

The University of Hartford's strategic plan consists of five main goals. Each goal has implementation strategies and an implementation team.

Read the strategic plan and view our progress toward current goals.