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H strives to be a magazine you feel compelled to read cover to cover. The articles and features will bring the UHart experience and story to life. It will be authentic, interesting, and relevant, while incorporating our high standards for design and creativity. The voices we share will be those of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. The personality of each issue may shift based on the themes we explore, but our collective and recognizable characteristics of passion, purpose, and adaptive strength will remain the same.

We have intentionally created sections and spaces that allow for the opportunity to be inclusive of our broader community. Together, we will celebrate our past, present, and future, and the impact we collectively have on each other and the world. We hope you will contribute by sending in your news, sharing your advice, and volunteering for an article or feature.

Inside the Fall 2023 Issue

Live, Local, and Career Shaping

student tv studio

Through 30 years, the Student Television Network has provided students with valuable media experience from their first days on campus. Today, the organization has more than 200 alumni who have covered everything from breaking news and presidential elections to sports and campus events. These alumni have gone on to notable media careers at the likes of CNN, ESPN, and NBC—some now running their own media companies—thanks to the educational foundation and hands-on experience that STN provided.

Career Connection

students at internship

What so many students love about the University of Hartford is the sense of community: how people reach out to help their classmates or take the time to guide younger students. But that mindset doesn’t stop with graduation. Even after saying goodbye to campus, UHart alumni want to give back. That generosity, whether it’s helping a student land an internship or sharing professional experiences, has helped prepare students for their futures and establish meaningful relationships across generations.

The World’s a Classroom

travel photo

UHart offers study abroad programs spanning 50 countries—and the experience is not just about visiting the world’s most famous landmarks. Whether they choose a semester-long trip or a short-term one, students have the opportunity to conduct research and volunteer; navigate a new city; explore a different culture; speak another language; and build lasting relationships. And when they return to the UHart campus, they have a new-found independence and world perspective to guide the rest of their studies and launch them into the next chapter of their lives.

Testing the Waters

students walking in river

 With wading boots up to his knees and a metal test sieve in his hand, Professor Bin Zhu is surrounded by students in the Park River on campus. Crayfish, water pennies, and other invertebrate are revealed as water pours out of the sieve, holding the answers to a question Zhu’s biology classes study year after year: How healthy is the waterway? Throughout his 14 years at the University, Zhu has encouraged hundreds of students to explore the vital and intriguing world of ecological and environmental biology through his teaching and project mentoring.

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