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The annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium offers students the opportunity to present their outstanding projects to the campus community. Sponsored by the Honors Program, the Colloquium is organized as four or five concurrent panels over four periods. Each panel usually consists of three or more student presenters.

Each year, over 70 students present their senior theses, academic essays, science experiments, business plans, art works, teaching internships, musical talents, engineering projects, and much more. This celebration of academic excellence is attended by classmates, family members, faculty, and administration.

Colloquium Applications by students are due by February 22, 2021, accompanied by a faculty recommendation. With a program of diverse panels, the Colloquium will be conducted as a virtual event on Wed., April 14, 2021.

Colloquium Program

In 2019 and 2020, every college was represented by at least one panel, and there were a total of seventeen panels! The new program for the 2021 Colloquium will be uploaded by late March.


Check-in for speakers, audience, and guests. Sandwiches and cold drinks available all afternoon, until 6 p.m. Certificates for presenters as each session ends, in room A.

Room A

Hillyer Panel

Ballads for Social Change

Ryan Gorneault, Jazmyne Iverson, and Rose Jean

Learning to Care

Wiktoria Milewska

The Art of Silver Gold

Silver Marbiah

100 Icons for Introspection

Jacob Lamoureux


Room B

Mathematical Studies


Martin Guild, A&S Mathematics

Cantor Sets

Ben Stec, A&S Mathematics*

Data Trends of Online Gaming

Bret Halibozek, A&S Mathematics*

Room C

Sound Effects

Low Frequency Absorption and Additively Manufactured Cylinders

Sophie Kaye, CETA and Ethan Casavant, CETA*

Optimization of Violin Sound Quality

Alkaterini Stylianides, CETA

The Effect of Hammershank Material on Struck String Response

Jacob Amero, CETA* and Mario Riccardi, CETA  

Room D

Bodies in Motion

The Commercialization of Engineering Research

Brittney Dymes ENHP, Casey Lynch A&S, and Habib Salami BAR

The Hand to Foot Rehabilitation Center

Brittney Dymes, ENHP

The Analysis of Human Body Movement in the Evaluation of Backwards Walking During Different Scenarios

Anna Hiers and Justyn Trott, CETA

Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Siren Recognition

Ethan Wagner, CETA*

1877 Dining Room

No Panel

Room A

Literary Studies

Crossing the River by Caryn Phillips

Listra Mitchell Simmons, A&S English

Narration in Zadie Smith's White Teeth

Prachi Bhandutia, A&S English

Trauma in Saturday

Jillian Lozier, A&S English

Conflicts of Duty: A Thematic Analysis of Regeneration

Connor Masten, A&S English

Room B

Political Consequences

The Freedoms within Servitude

Rishai McDermott, A&S Criminal Justice and Politics and Government

Fresh off the Court: How Affirmative Action in College Admissions Affects Asian American Students

Juli Dajci, A&S Politics and Government

The Unspoken Sentence: Felon Disenfranchisment Across the United States

Jaileene Arriaga, A&S Sociology and Politics & Government/GS Minor*

Solving the Opioid Epidemic with a Comprehensive Solution: The Policy Implications of a Multi-State Comparison

Taylor Zitkus, A&S Politics and Government*

Room C

Telling the Truth

Post-Truth Podcast

Michelle Mor, A&S English*

Last (Wo)Man Standing: A Humanities Center Podcast

Peter Graywacz, A&S Mathematics: Secondary Education

Proving the Critics Wrong: Video Essays as a Form of Film Scholarship

Samantha Soucy, A&S Cinema*

Room D

Biological Impacts

The Three Lakes: Are They Healthy?

Sharon Jennings, A&S Biology

An Analysis of the Dynamics of Measles

Briana Rutland, A&S Chemistry/Biology

and Micheal Negrut, Mathematics with Biology Minor

Changes in Tree Species Biodiversity in Connecticut During the 20th Century

Marissa Jayawickrema, A&S History*

Room A

The Effects of Attitude  

The Effects of Self-Compassion Feedback on Goal Setting,

Performance, and Attitudes

Shannon Flaherty, A&S Psychology* and Jordan Steidle, A&S Psychology

Gender Related Differences on Competition

Caitlin Sullivan, A&S Psychology

Attitudes Towards Intimate Partner Violence Committed Against Nontraditionally-Appearing Women

Holly Pianka, A&S Psychology*

Patient Health Literacy

Thomson Akele, ENHP*

Room B

Studies in Biology

The Circadian Immune Connection

Sydney Abele and Kali Meadows, A&S Biology

Selected Bioindicators of Fish Health in Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) from the Northwestern Atlantic

Brenda Leard, A&S Biology and Billy McLaughlin, A&S Biology*

Translational Research: An Application of the Central Dogma of

Biology to Osteoarthritis

Kyle Vaccaro, A&S Biology and Chemistry*

The Effects of Probiotics on Alzheimer's Disease Progression: Assessing Cognitive and Cellular Markers

Destynie Medeiros, A&S Biology*

Room C

Engineering Nozzles, Probes, and Jet Engines

The Computational Modeling of Dual Stream Nozzle Flow

Aikaterini Stylianides, CETA Jeffery Severino, CETA

and Iliana Albion-Poles, CETA*

Air or Refrigerant: What's the Difference?

Lena Dubiel, CETA

Supersonic Inlet Noise Radiation Study

Jonathan Brown and Christopher Maynard, CETA

Room D

Business Plans and Engineering Studies

Wildd Cosmetics

Melissa Pereira, BAR

The Development and Implementation of a Smoke Flow

Visualization System

John Case, CETA* and Daniel Weitsman, CETA

Cultural Footprint of Connecticut Businesses

Melissa Pereira, BAR

Improving Autonomous Vehicle Safety: Using Acoustic Source

Localization to Influence the Decision Making Capabilities

Digno Iglesias and Anthony Matriss, CETA

1877 Dining Room

no panel

Room A

Educational Impacts

The Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Students with Special Needs

Tess Michaud, ENHP*

ADDvance: Designing Apps for Learning Needs

Rowan Ferreira, HAS

Language Acquisition Struggles and Supports in the Classroom

Elyse Wallach, ENHP*

Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory on Bias

Alexa Perrefort, ENHP*

Room B

Studies in Health

Water Deprivation and Dehydration: Time Course of Fluid Regulatory Hormones and Thirst

Christina Titarenko, ENHP*

Perceptions of X-Ray Shielding Practices in the State of Connecticut

Maria Chiaia, ENHP*

The Effects of Pelvic Stabilization on Upper Extremity Function

Madison Markey, ENHP*

Room C

Archeology, Geoscience, and History

A GPR Study: Finding the Campus Road - 1 and 2

Prachi Bhandutia, A&S English and Cara Levine, A&S JS                        

The Search for Matilda Olkin - The Anne Frank of Lithuania

Kyle Conti, A&S CMM

From The Sea of Galilee in Israel to the Lake of Kaunas in Lithuania-Archeology and Geoscience in Pursuit of History

Justin Lockhart, A&S History/Politics           

Room D

Art History and Creations

Francois I and The Triumph of Intellectualism

Frank Gordon-Quiroga, HAS

Translating U.S. Culture Through Sculpture

Ying Ye, HAS*

Italian Renaissance Art's Impact on Contemporary Art Practices

Teresa Cardona, HAS*


Performance Practice and Theory

Comprehensive Musicianship: A Holistic Approach to Instrumental Education

Angelica Ansbacher, HARTT*

"Live From Hartt, It's Saturday Night"

Natalie Harde, HARTT*

Bb Bass Clarinet: Examining Modern Performance Practices

Jessica Schreiner, HARTT*