The annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium offers students the opportunity to present their outstanding projects to the campus community. Sponsored by the Honors Program, the Colloquium is organized as four or five concurrent panels over four periods. Each panel usually consists of three or more student presenters.

Each year, over 70 students present their senior theses, academic essays, science experiments, business plans, art works, teaching internships, musical talents, engineering projects, and much more. This celebration of academic excellence is attended by classmates, family members, faculty, and administration.

Colloquium Applications by students are due by February 22, 2021, accompanied by a faculty recommendation. With a program of diverse panels, the Colloquium will be conducted as a virtual event on Wed., April 14, 2021.

Colloquium Program

In 2019 and 2020, every college was represented by at least one panel, and there were a total of seventeen panels! The new program for the 2021 Colloquium will be uploaded by late March.

Engineering Problems and Sound Solutions

  1. The Sound of the Violin
    Jack Breton and Maeve Cantwell
  2. The Acoustical Characterization of the Tongue Drum
    Matthew Irving
  3. The Gender Stereotyping of Video Game Voices: The Pressing Problem of the Marginalization of Gamers
    Eva Von Dell
  4. Hearing Space: Modeling Concert Halls to Achieve Understanding through Acoustics
    Maeve Cantwell

15 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: Chris Jasinski

Event Link: Acoustical Engineering Honors Colloquium Panel

Event number: 185 919 2495

Password: Hawk

Maps of Meaning

  1. Seth Chang
  2. Gloria Torres
  3. Laurel Clarke
  4. Tyler Formisano
  5. Alyssa Locke
  6. Cory Ariana Mann

Faculty Moderator: Jackie Welsh

This course-based panel will meet in its classroom: Auerbach Auditorium in Hillyer Hall. Others are welcome, with socially-distanced seating. No virtual link.

Artistic Images and Histories

  1. MASKED: COVID on Campus
    Hailey Winschel
  2. The Religious Reflections of Modigliani
    Hannah Cohen
  3. Rufino Tamayo: Redefining the Norm
    Fed Rosario

15-20 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: Zee Onuf

Event Link: Artistic Images and Histories

Event number: 185 814 3139

Password: Hawk

Examining Behavior and Justice

  1. Lights Cameras, Activism
    Shelby Zorick, Alexandros Cooke-Politicos, and Juli Dajci
  2. Anxiety and Religion
    Laura Lopez
  3. Do We Need the Equal Rights Amendment? A Case Study in Sexual Harassment
    Steffany Hamilton
  4. Explaining Justice: Motive Imagery and Judicial Behavior
    Juli Dajci

15 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: Mala Matacin

Event Link: Examining Behavior and Justice

Event number: 185 765 4009

Password: Hawk

The Art of Effective Communication and Physical Mobility

  1. Assessing Effective Communication Strategies for Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease
    Margaret A. Hofbauer
  2. The Relationship between Physical Activity Habits and Mood State in Older Adults
    Brittney Braun
  3. The Physical Mobility of Baseball Hitters
    Matthew Glasoff
  4. Physical Therapy Practice Enhanced when Skillfully Merged with the Arts
    Emma Brown

15 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: Claudia Oakes

Event Link: The Art of Effective Communication and Physical Mobility panel

Event number: 185 540 2985

Password: Hawk

By the Numbers and the Colors

  1. A Gerrymandering Algorithm
    Mike Jakovic and Jared Rubin
  2. The Interpretation of Musical Harmony, Rhythm, and Tension Through Color
    Ben PucaMendez
  3. Solion Collisions in the Sine-Gordon Equation
    Jared Rubin

18-20 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: Brian Wells

Event Link: A&S Math & Physics - By the Number

Event number: 185 215 4282

Password: HxqxSAuF336

The Business of Marketing and Managing

  1. Showcasing Digital Marketing Skills Through your Website
    Alissa Hoffman
  2. No Leftover Logistics
    Emily Kestyn
  3. The Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures during COVID-19: Implications on Financial Reporting and Audit Quality
    Christina Roy

15-20 min. each then Q&A

Faculty Moderator: Jenna Tang

Event Link: The Business of Marketing and Managing

Event number: 185 153 9224

Password: Hawk

Cellular Cycles and Virus Studies

  1. The Effect of the Synucleins on C-JUN and Apolipoprotein E in Human Cortical Astrocytes
    Abby Myers and Melanie Shaffer
  2. The Ketogenic Diet Acclimation
    Camryn Butera
  3. The Analysis of Staphylococcus aureus on the UofH Undergraduate Population
    Jake Gauglione
  4. Determining the Effect of pf p53 Daughter Cells during Prolonged Prometaphase
    Megan Anderson

15 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: Paola Sacchetti

Event Link: Cellular Cycles and Virus Studies panel

Event number: 185 986 5136

Password: Hawk

Dance, Design, and Photography

  1. Tales of the True in Dance
    Emma Randolph
  2. As You Were, As You Are in Photography
    Sierra Goodnough
  3. Brand Design: Yo Soy! Vegan Eatery
    Zadak Brooks
  4. Visual Design: Mental Health Resources for the Black Community
    Symia Hayes

15 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: John Nordyke

Event link by Zoom, not Webex, go to

Event number: 213 780 1380 (NOT 08)

Password: 673104

Problem Assessment and Feasible Solutions

  1. Effective Strategies for Teaching Mathematics to Emergent Bilinguals
    Amarys Miralles-Castro
  2. The Role of Diagnostic Imaging in Traumatic Head Injuries
    Allison Tappen
  3. Determining the Reliability and the Validity of an Axial Rotation Measure for Children with Cerebral Palsy
    Quimby Wechter
  4. The Relationship between Daily Water Intake and Circulating Apelin: Seeking Feasible Solutions to Curb Population Health Burdens
    Hinal Rana

15 min. each then Q&A
Faculty Moderator: Colleen Muñoz

Event Link: Problem Assessment and Feasible Solutions

Event number: 185 727 5520

Password: Hawk