The annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium offers students the opportunity to present their outstanding projects to the campus community. Sponsored by the Honors Program, the Colloquium is organized into concurrent panels that take place over four sessions. Each panel includes multiple student presenters.

Each year, students present their senior theses, academic essays, science experiments, business plans, art works, teaching internships, musical talents, engineering projects, and much more. This celebration of academic excellence is attended by classmates, family members, faculty, and administration.

The Colloquium will take place on April 17, 2024.

2024 Undergraduate Colloquium Schedule

Please see below for a list of presentations taking place during the Undergraduate Colloquium.

1877 Club
  • Rutendo Mupfumira: The Exploration of the Lived Experience of College Students of Color Dealing with Mental Health Issues and their Level of Accessibility to Mental Health Resources 
  • Alyson Flanagan: Growth Mindset: How Organizations can Foster it Within their Employees 
  • Jennifer Martin: Obstetric Health Awareness and the Need for Blood Donation  
Room A
  • Kylar Maldonado: Equally Accounted's Business Plan Presentation 
  • Married Mesilien: Climate Innovation in Insurance: Connecting and Technology for the Future 
  • Tyler Mendela: Dirty, Hot, and Salty: Can Eastern Oyster Adapt to a Changing Climate? 
Room B
  • Jolie Trinh: Development of Gesture-Based Computer Human-Interface System: Bridging Therapy and Technology 
  • Lucas Slomski & Michael Doyle: Hand Signal Translator and Communicator 
  • Dillon Stan: Integral Imaging for Spatial Analysis 
Room C
  • Dorothy Antoine: Marketing in the Entertainment Industry 
  • Hannah Lewis: Give Me Liberty or Give Me an MPA(A) Rating 
Room D
  • Clarice Jayawickrema: Understanding Emigration and Brain Drain from Sri Lanka and Iran 
  • Catherine Mazzei: A Digital Ethnography of Supreme Court Perspectives Shared on X and Tik Tok 
  • Caitlin Trutnau: The Future of Social Media Use for Public Officials    
1877 Club
  • Diana Isaacs, Diego Rojas, Justic Wichowski, Karla Liard, and Arob Mongkuier: Hillyer Honors: Living in Extreme Environments Panel Discussion 
Room A
  • Brianna D'Urso: Severe Weather Forecasting via the Sole Use of Satellite Data
  • Jessica Camarillo, Christian Piscitelli, and Drew Lauzier: National Eclipse Ballooning Project  
  • Anna Keith, Courtney Faulden, and Isari Ortiz: Environmental Influence on Regulated Dorsal Root Ganglion: Neutrophil Nerve Growth Factor and Lead Exposure in Embryonic Neurodevelopment 
Room B
  • Victor Gouveia, Emeline Arnold, and Alexander Kavrakis: Acute Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching on Maximal Voluntary Contractions
  • Sarah Kulpa: Building Better Athletes for the Future: Nutrition as a Training Tool 
  • Fiona Vukaj: The Issue of Fatigue in Night Shift Nurses 
1877 Club
  • Nicole Charron: Examining the impact of climate change and Vibrio on Eastern oyster 
  • Marren Roy: Microwave-Accelerated Synthesis and Solvatochromic Properties of Coumarin Derivatives 
  • Samuel Weinstein, Riley Stevens, and Conor Convery: Cellular Analysis of Genetically Induced Hyaluronic Acid Deficiency on Synovial Joints: Exploring Genetic Causes of Osteoarthritis Using Transgenic Mouse Model System 
Room A
  • Jenna Kruse: Creating a Mural for the Honors Office 
  • Rally Bryan: Museum of Natural Disasters 
  • Alyssa Archambault: Social Media, Computational Propaganda, Popular Geopolitics, and the Geopolitical Climate 
Room D
  • Helen Newman: An Accessible Future for College Students with Disabilities 
  • Margaret Philpott: The Future of Equitable Healthcare for the Deaf Community
  • Ceili Leahy: Implementing Simulation for LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care 
1877 Club
  • Emily Welch: Are Psychologists in Training Appropriately Prepared to Address the Emerging Differences in PTSD Presentation? 
  • Julianna Perry: Healing the Battlefield Within: Unveiling the Neurobiological Landscape and Treatment of Veterans with PTSD 
  • Charyl Prince: Adapting Parent-Child Interaction Therapy to Support Families Experiencing Adversity 
  • Sean Isaac: Can the Eastern Oyster handle a Changing Climate? 
Room D
  • Alyssa Archambault: A Critical Analysis of Depictions of Sex and Contemporary Feminist Embodiment in Phoebe Waller-Bridge's "Fleabag" 
  • Skylar Prinzhorn, Hailey Pasinski, Talei Ricketson, Shaynah Miralles-Castro, Alyssa Gouvan, and Sydney Nelson: Capturing Body Image