Hartford Art School

Animation and Game Art

At a Glance

Students will build a robust and broad traditional arts foundation, and gain experience for creating visual arts assets and animation.

Full Time
Rolling Admission

Interested in a career in animation, multimedia, or game design and development? Join our Animation and Game Art program and learn to use industry-standard traditional and digital visual development methodologies, computer software, and hardware technology. Students will graduate with a firm foundation in the visual arts. 

About the Program


Students will learn historical and contemporary methodologies for art asset development for animated television, feature film, and interactive game industries. Building on the robust and broad traditional arts foundation at the Hartford Art School, the program provides an experience for creating visual arts assets and animation for implementation in the production pipeline. The program will focus on visual design & development with the opportunity for students to concentrate in 2D & 3D animation/art asset development. 

Degree Requirements

The 123-credit program includes a unique senior project. This group assignment replicates a team-based studio employment experience. Students will design and develop an artwork for animation or game, utilizing both non-software and software specific skills to create a cohesive artwork within a team-based framework, showcasing broad understanding of the production process and also their preferred specialization(s) within the field.  

Required Courses

Core required courses include:

Introduction to Animation

3-D Game Art Studio

Drawing For Illustration

Digital Illustration

Drawing For Animation & Games

Storytelling & Sequential Art

3-D Illustration Studio OR Intermediate Animation

3-D Animation Studio OR Advanced Animation

Learning Outcomes

The BFA in Animation and Game Art students will possess an ability to have the following:

  • Drawing Skills: Students will create traditional and digital drawings of 3-Dimensional volumes and forms, such as characters, props, and environments, with 2-Dimensional tools.

  • Technical Competencies: Students will utilize various professional softwares and tools to create 2-D and/or 3-D digital art assets and animations

  • Visual Storytelling & Creative Idea Generation: Students will write, discuss, draw, sculpt, and build imaginative characters, props and environments within a cohesive narrative.

  • Time & Motion Knowledge: Students will use the principles of animation in creating 2D and/or 3D animations that show appropriate time and motion control.

  • Industry Readiness: Students will create a professional demo reel, resume, time management sheets, pitch/proposals and contract documents in relation to the business of freelance and studio work within the industry.

Career Ready

Graduate prepared for a career in visual development, asset creation, and time-based media markets—all of which are growing industries in high demand!