The Edith Dale Monson Galleries, which include Joseloff Gallery, Silpe Gallery, and Kaman Print Center, inspire our community year-round. Artists thrive on the Hartford Art School campus, which features several sculptures and student murals throughout its terrain.

Address and Parking

200 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06117. Please park in the visitor section of Lot K.

NEW! Summer Gallery Hours | MFA Exhibitions

Interdisciplinary MFA

The hours for the Interdisciplinary MFA Thesis Exhibition at Joseloff Gallery are as follows:

Friday, June 14: 12–6 p.m.               

Saturday, June 15: 12–5 p.m. 

Monday, June 17: 2–6 p.m.              

Tuesday, June 18: 2–7 p.m.               

Wednesday, June 19: 2–7 p.m.        

Thursday, June 20: 12–7 p.m.          

Friday, June 21: 12–6 p.m.   

Illustration MFA

The hours for the Illustration MFA Thesis Exhibition at Joseloff Gallery are as follows:

Monday, July 8, 11–5 p.m.              

Tuesday, July 9, 11–5 p.m. 

Wednesday, July 10, 11–5 p.m.     

Thursday, July 11, 11–5 p.m.          

Friday, July 12, 11–5 p.m.                

Saturday, July 13, 11–5 p.m. 

Sunday, July 14, CLOSED

Monday, July 15, 11–5 p.m.             

Tuesday, July 16, 11–5 p.m.             

Wednesday, July 17, 11–5 p.m.      

Thursday, July 18, 11–5 p.m.           

Friday, July 19, 11–5 p.m.  

Photography MFA

The hours for the Photography MFA Thesis Exhibition in Joseloff Gallery are as follows:

Monday, August 5, 11–5 p.m.        

Tuesday, August 6, 11–5 p.m.

Wednesday, August 7, 11–5 p.m.

Thursday, August 8, 11–5 p.m.      

Friday, August 9, 11–5 p.m.            

Saturday, August 10, 11–5 p.m.

Joseloff Gallery

Joseloff Gallery

The Joseloff Gallery presents contemporary art exhibitions in all media showcasing the work of internationally and nationally recognized artists and emerging artists.

Joseloff Gallery

Joseloff Gallery

Art enthusiasts from the greater Hartford region engage with artists, their work, and other visitors through the wide range of programs that the Joseloff Gallery provides throughout the year.

Silpe Gallery

Silpe Gallery

The Donald & Linda Silpe Gallery is a stimulating exhibition space that focuses on experimentation and exploration of new ideas in art making.

Silpe Gallery

Silpe Gallery

Students and Faculty benefit from the two classic white cube spaces of the Silpe Gallery to facilitate the realization of creative projects.

Kaman Print Study Center

Kaman Print Study Center

The Helen S. Kaman Print Study Center houses more than 2,000 works on paper, including prints, drawings, photographs, and artist’s books in the Hartford Art School collection. The temperature- and humidity-controlled space was established through a gift from the Charles H. Kaman Charitable Foundation. The Kaman Print Study Center is open to everyone who is interested in works on paper and printmaking techniques. Come view the gems of the collection like the groundbreaking work of Bauhaus artist, Josef Albers, or the stunning photographic prints by Audrey Flack.

Art on Campus

Art on Campus

Works of art from students, faculty, and in the art collection are exhibited in public spaces throughout the University, including the Russell House, Harrison Libraries, Allen Library, Fuller Hall and the Administration Building.

The Media Box

The Media Box

The Media Box is a small gallery located within the Hartford Art School which houses student shows, particularly video and multimedia works.

Projection Window

Projection Window

The projection window offers a place for students and faculty to showcase multimedia works and video from a central vantage point.

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