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Africana Studies Minor

Our interdisciplinary minor in Africana Studies will help you to think critically about the social, political, and economic issues pertinent to the people of African descent. You can pair the Africana Studies minor with a variety of majors to enhance your understanding of African culture including art, business, communication, history, sociology, politics and government, education, and more. 

Minor Requirements

Students working in Shaw Center.

You must complete 18 credits that include an introductory Africana Studies course, two electives in the social sciences, two electives in the humanities, and three credits of unrestricted electives. In addition, three credits toward the minor must be taken at the 300 level or above. Examples of courses include:

  • The Study of the Black Experience
  • The Black Family in American Society
  • Urban Politics
  • African American Music
  • African American Women Writers
  • Race and Ethnic Relations

For more information, and to see a complete list of minor requirements, visit the Course Catalog.


The backgrounds and research interests of our faculty are very diverse and include the social sciences and the humanities, in addition to practitioners in the fields of law, social work, and development. You will have opportunities for mentorship both academically and professionally.


Africana Studies Faculty

Joyce Ashuntantang
Professor of English
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Amanda Carlson
Associate Professor of Art History
Art History
History and Philosophy
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Woody Doane
Professor of Sociology
Social Science
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Bilal Sekou
Associate Professor of Political Science
Social Science
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Bryan Sinche
Professor; Department Chair
English and Modern Languages
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