Business Training

Whether you are ready to learn how to start your own business, run your established business more efficiently, or expand it, our business training will increase your likelihood of success. We offer practical and convenient workshops and courses. All training is free or low-cost. Free small business advisor sessions are also available to assist you one-on-one in implementing the skills learned in class.

How to Start Your Small Business

Do you dream of starting your own small business? We are here to help! See the list of workshops, series, and courses below.

Start-Up Classes

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Move your ideas into action! We offer different start-up class options:

Business Planning Foundations Course

Learn how to write a business plan that will help you organize your business, clarify your market, and access capital, whether you want to apply for a traditional small business loan or look for alternative funding options. This course meets once per fall and once per spring.

More Business Planning

  • Do It Yourself Market Research
  • Creating a Winning Business Plan
  • Financing Your Business: Loans and Beyond

How to Grow Your Small Business

We offer a variety of training programs to help you grow your business, improve your marketing campaign, develop your leadership skills, and manage your finances.

Financial Management & Taxes

  • Financial Fitness Series
  • Small Business Taxes
  • Financing Your Business: Loans and Beyond
  • Grant Writing for Small Business

Social Media and Marketing

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and more
  • Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing
  • Miscellaneous topics

General Business Development

Government Contracting and Subcontracting

The government (local, state, and federal) is one of the largest consumers of goods and services in the United States. The agencies and large companies that win the contracts must subcontract a percentage of that work to small businesses. We will help you get started or enhance your opportunities through training, advising, and a Business Matchmaker event.


Contracting training is offered on the first Friday of the month, September - May.

One-on-One Business Advising

We offer <one-on-one advising> to help businesses begin the bidding process, improve/expand their bidding process, and to develop organizational and business relationships that may lead to future contracts.

CT Business Matchmaker

We partner with federal and state organizations to bring the CT Business Matchmaker event to the University of Hartford campus every June. At the event, small businesses meet with prime contractors, educational institutions, and government agencies/municipalities to present their goods and services in a series of 10 minute one-on-one sessions.

Online Learning Center

The Learning Center offers online courses, videos, and interactive chats for small business entrepreneurs.


Have you ever mentored entrepreneurs who aren’t entirely clear on what competition they face?  Finding the right competitive research and analysis for a specific industry can be challenging but now it’s easier. features a free, easy-to-use tool called SizeUp that helps small businesses look at how their business industry stacks up against the competition in specific locations and provides information on where to advertise. Simply enter the industry, city and state to get access to customizable reports and statistics about the industry and its competition.

Events Calendar—Locate Business Training and Seminars

SBA and its partners, including Small Business Development Centers, Women’s Business Centers, and SCORE, hold hundreds of small business training seminars and workshops across the country. With SBA’s Events Calendar, small businesses can quickly find and sign up for training. Enter a date range and/or zip code to locate events in your area.

Business Plan Writer

The Build a Business Plan tool guides entrepreneurs through the process of creating a basic, downloadable business plan. The tool is secure and confidential and will keep the plan on record for up to six months for downloading or emailing at any time.

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