Getting Around Campus

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The University of Hartford's scenic and suburban 350-acre campus is at the juncture of three municipalities—the City of Hartford, and the towns of Bloomfield and West Hartford.

Main Campus

The University of Hartford's main campus is located on Bloomfield Avenue. Surrounded by green space, the main campus is divided into residential and academic buildings connected by a bridge that overlooks the north branch of the Park River, known to us as Hog River. 

Download the main campus map.

Getting Around the Construction Site

From February, 2020 until August, 2021, construction of a new academic building changes the walking patterns on campus.

Download construction site map.

Handel Performing Arts Center (HPAC)

In addition to the main University of Hartford campus, UHart's Mort and Irma Handel Performing Arts Center, a vibrant center for performing arts education, is just 1.5 miles southeast. The performing arts center serves as a resource for the entire community.

Main Address: 35 Westbourne Parkway, Hartford

Asylum Avenue Campus

UHart's Asylum Avenue campus is less than two miles from the main campus in Hartford's historic west end, houses one of the Entrepreneurial Center's two locations, the Construction Institute, and the newly established undergraduate Montessori education program.

Site Addresses:

Center for Montessori Studies, Montessori Training Center Northeast
- Butterworth Hall, 1265 Asylum Avenue, Hartford

Construction Institute
- Babcock House, 260 Girard Avenue, Hartford

Entrepreneurial Center & Women’s Business Center
- Babcock House, 260 Girard Avenue, Hartford

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