Volunteer at UHart

Volunteering at the University of Hartford is fun, easy, and impactful! Become a volunteer and help UHart plan alumni events, match students with mentors, and expand the University's national and global reputation. Connect with your fellow alumni and grow your network. Build your resume and make a difference for current students and the local community—all while having a blast with UHart alumni, faculty, staff, and students!

For the alumni who had an amazing college experience at UHart, and have great stories, tips and tricks, and advice for future students. Undergraduate Admission and Alumni Engagement are looking for alumni across the county to represent UHart at college fairs in their area. Meet with prospective students and their families, and share your experience, information about the admission process, visit opportunities, basic University facts, and more.

Training and promotional materials will be provided and fairs will be assigned based on your current location. Travel will be limited.

Interested in getting involved?Complete the brief form and let us know!

Volunteer to support the mission of UHart's Alumni Engagement and the Alumni Association:

  • Be a Board Member
    The Alumni Board of Directors represents the Alumni Association. All members are UHart alumni who are dedicated to the continued success of the University of Hartford. If you are interested in personally serving on the Alumni Board, nominate yourself, or you can nominate someone whom you feel is a deserving candidate.
  • Identify Alumni for Award Nominations
    From the Anchor Awards to Distinguished Alumni, we are always looking for nominations. There might be alumni in your network who deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments. Help us identify them!
  • Phone Outreach
    Love to talk on the phone, whether with strangers or to reconnect with old friends? You could make calls in support of events, initiatives, or other items.
  • Reunion Group Volunteer
    Feel a strong connection to your class year, school or major, club or organization, or other affinity groups? Let us know! Your role would focus on targeted outreach to your connected group.
  • Volunteer Recruiter
    Whether you assist with other volunteer roles or not, we can always use more volunteers. If there are alumni in your network whom you think would be a great fit for one of the roles above, let us know!

If you are passionate about your profession and would enjoy the opportunity to share your knowledge with a student, let us know! As a UHart Career Mentor, you will be connected with a relevant student with shared interests or career aspirations. This can be as much or as little of a time commitment. Learn more about how you can help students succeed.

Make a difference in your community! Join the efforts of the Center for Community Service and Helping Hawks on service projects that help promote the health, skills, and well-being of our neighbors. Volunteer in your area alongside your local community of alumni.

There are a variety of ways to assist with events, both small and large, depending on your interests. Events are a fun way to get involved, whether you're coordinating the venue and logistics, or helping to check people in at registration.

  • Event Ambassador
    For the social butterfly who loves attending events. Your role is to attend UHart alumni events and "work the room," being attentive to all guests, especially those that appear to have come alone. Our goal is to make sure everyone enjoys the event and your role is to help make that happen. In addition, you would encourage others to attend our events, both alumni in your own network and potential connections you begin to make at the events you attend.
  • Event Host
    Do you work at or have a connection to a venue that would be great for an event? We are always planning different types of events across the country. Even if you are not sure if your connection might be useful, it is better to still inform us—it might prompt us to do an event that could utilize that location. You would then be a key liaison for us throughout the planning and execution of the event.
  • Event Coordinator
    For the event planners who really want to take a leading role and be our point-person. We would give the bulk of the responsibility to you, from selecting and coordinating with the venue, planning, and the execution of the event. We support you with logistical items such as working within our budget parameters, sending out the invitations, registration, and of course sending you materials and swag you would need for the event if we are unable to send a staff member.
  • Event Support
    Want to help with events, but not the event ambassador, host, or coordinator type? Support staff is a smaller, more behind-the-scenes role. Responsibilities might include identifying possible locations, brainstorming types of events, assisting with set-up and clean-up for an event, staffing the name tag table, or other areas where we could use an extra pair of helping hands, eyes, or a fresh perspective of ideas.
If you enjoy giving back and making a difference, please consider volunteering as one of our Philanthropy Ambassadors! Help us reach our fundraising goals around fun, dynamic campaigns, such as the annual Founders Day Challenge in February. Raise awareness, build momentum on social media, and make UHart's students' dreams a reality. Contact us today for more information on how you can build support for the University and our students.
For those active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: we post and share a lot about what we in Alumni Engagement and the Alumni Association are doing, what our alumni are up to, and what's happening at the University. Having alumni “share” helps us keep more of our network connected. You can “share”, “retweet”, and “regram” posts from the UHart Alumni Association or produce your own related content. Contact us today for more information.
For more information, please email the Alumni Engagement team or call 860.768.2400.