Keeping Hawks Healthy

See UHart’s fall opening plan and our response to COVID-19:

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Hours of Operation

Main University Phone Number

The University of Hartford is working diligently to provide updated hours of operations for various offices and departments—both on campus and remotely.

This page reflects the current status of building hours, and will be updated frequently as information changes. 

If you have any questions, please email

Offices Operating with Regular Business Hours

CT Transit Bus Service

Beginning March 21, the North Entrance to the University will be closed, preventing any buses from entering. Only the main entrance will be open for bus traffic.

Below are the offices and departments that will remain open with normal business hours:

Offices with Reduced On-Campus Hours

Below are the offices and departments that are currently open on campus, but may have adjusted hours

Offices Available Remotely

Below are the offices and departments that will be open, but working remotely, and can be reached via email or phone. Business hours are provided if applicable: