University Of Hartford Engagement And Events Policy

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We recognize gatherings and events are an important part of the academic and student life experience.

All approved University events will continue to be guided by recommendations or requirements for face coverings, hygiene, vaccination requirements, and capacity counts, to keep our community safe.

The below policy was in effect for the 2021–22 Academic Year. It will be revisited for the start of the Fall 2022 semester. 

Full Policy for the 2021–222 Academic Year

All approved University events will utilize guidelines around face coverings, hygiene, and capacity counts,to keep the community safe. Campus events and services will be adjusted in accordance with these key strategies:

  • Capacity limits will be set in 25Live for all University spaces
  • Prioritize in-person engagement whenever safely possible
  • Provide a low-touch environment (no printed tickets; tickets scanned electronically)
  • Cleaning and sanitizing spaces daily


Large-scale events at the University of Hartford during 2021-2022 academic year will follow campus, local, state, and federal guidelines.

  • On-campus event attendance is limited to the number of people that can be accommodated, taking into account square foot and physical distancing requirements.
  • When outside space is not compatible with the event, indoor space limitations regarding maximum capacity and the ability to physically distance must be followed.
  • Staggered attendance times are encouraged.


Event organizers will have the ability to reserve campus locations via the use of 25Live. All space capacities can be found on 25Live.   
Locations include traditional classrooms, student spaces, and specified outdoor spaces.   
Campus events and services will be adjusted in accordance with these key strategies:

  • Capacity limits will be set in 25Live for all University spaces
  • Prioritize in-person engagement whenever safely possible
  • Provide a low-touch environment (no printed tickets; tickets scanned electronically)
  • Cleaning and sanitizing spaces daily

For Student Centers spaces contact the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion for further guidance at 860.768.4283 or For guidance on other locations contact the approver/scheduler of the requested location.   


All identified campus locations (including student club and organizational spaces/offices) have limited capacities. Capacities have been established and are reflected in 25Live. Users are not to exceed the posted occupancy.

  • Room/space capacity mandates must be adhered to at all times.
  • Room/ space up set up must be completed a minimum of 60 minutes prior to the start of the program.
  • Desired room/space set-up requests must be submitted 5 days prior to an event.  Best practice is to include room/set-up requests in the event request on 25Live . 

Spaces will be set up in a specific configuration. Changes to room and space configurations must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion 
(OSEI) and/or the specific location approver/scheduler. Please note that setup options may not be available or will be limited for some of the identified locations. (i.e. Konover, GSU, Lincoln Theater, Millard Auditorium, etc.). 


As a part of facilities’ normal operations, cleaning of event and student spaces will happen daily. However, it is the expectation that room users will wipe down areas after the meeting has concluded. Hand Sanitizer or hand sanitizing stations shall be made available at all events.   


In-order to maximum spaces across campus consideration should be given to holding all regular department meetings and student clubs/organization general board meetings, virtual platforms (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, telephone, etc.) throughout the semester.  To help avoid audience conflicts you should register your event in 25Live using Virtual UHART. Note: Virtual UHart is a location in 25Live that you would select when registering a virtual/online event in 25Live. 
Attendance must be taken for all in-person meetings and events and shall be accurately saved. Faculty/Staff users: must maintain attendance information. This information should include event date, time and location, participants first and last name, university email, and University identification number.

Student users: must check in event attendees using UHART Hub. All users: should use contactless attendance options whenever possible.  
In-person meetings, indoors or outdoors, need to follow capacity limits set in 25Live and follow face covering guidelines.

Clubs and Organizations and and Faculty/Staff meetings and events may meet in person if space is available. Space will be provided in the order that the reservation request is received. Meeting and event spaces are limited so we encourage checking the availability of space through 25Live prior to submitting room requests. We request that reservation requests be submitted 5-7 weeks in advance. 


Tabling, vending, solicitation, and fundraising related to food will be allowed in the Gengras Student Union, dining halls, or other campus common spaces during the 2021-2022 academic year. General tabling, vending, solicitation, and fundraising will also be permitted upon approval of the 25Live request. 
If food is being distributed; all team members tabling must wear gloves. 

  • Allowed for Fall 2021, this includes all off campus food fundraising events.  
  • All on-campus food fundraisers must first be approved through the 25 Live process 
  • All off-campus food fundraisers must be first approved through the UHart Hub off-campus event registration process.
  • On campus, food fundraisers will be limited to pre-packaged food/drink in individually sealed containers/wrappers


University of Hartford Dining Services will be available on a very limited basis. 
Purchases of food from off-campus vendors will be allowed for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 when a food waiver is granted by Dining Services.     
Serving of open food/drinks will be permitted only to individuals who have received approval by our Dining Services. 
Pre-packaged food/drink in individually sealed containers/wrappers are preferred when distributed on a to-go basis. 

All Catering and food orders should be placed with ARAMARK Catering at least fourteen (14) business days prior to the scheduled event. For food service or catering needs contact Dining Services at 860.768.5017 or visit the catering website. 


Contact games and competitions are allowed for Fall 2021. 


Dance parties are allowed for Fall 2021 on a case-by-case basis. 
All dance parties must first receive approval through the 25 Live process. 
Indoor and outdoor capacities will be enforced.  
No outside guests allowed. University of Hartford community only.      


Events where participants share, pass, and touch objects will be allowed, safety precautions should be considered and takenEvents such as board or video game activities may be held


The rental of bounce houses will be allowed for Fall 2021. Safety precautions should be considered and taken, in order to ensure the comfort level of all participants.   


All University sanctioned social gatherings on campus are required to follow University and state guidelines for capacity limits, mask wearing, and event approval and attendance. As a community we request that student, faculty, and staff must register all events, meetings, and activities through 25Live to hold approved social activities on campus. 

All officially recognized student club or organization gathering/social events must receive prior approval. Hosting and attending an unapproved student club/organization gathering or social event is prohibited.

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action. Please see Student Conduct Guidelines. 

Individuals and student organizations failing to comply with University expectations surrounding event capacity, registration, gathering size and health and safety protocols for University events or social gatherings will be referred accordingly.


Off-campus events that are approved through the UHart Hub off-campus event registration process will be allowed. This is subject to change based on the state guidance and the prevalence of COVID19.

Off-Campus Bus Trips

Masks are required while on University provided transportation to off-campus event location. 


See summary


Space is limited, so groups should consider using virtual options. It is recommended that choreography and vocal instruction be pre-recorded and sent to members virtually.  For the 2021-2022 academic year all performance-based practices approved through the 25 Live process will be allowed.  Indoor practices and performances will be restricted (indoor capacities, and masks).   


Organizations with Inter/National Greek Affiliation and Membership, Fraternities/Sororities and all other Inter/Nationally recognized groups must follow all University policies. Policies outlined by memberships with a coordinating Executive or Headquarters Office do not supersede University policy.


No event should be advertised prior to receiving an email confirmation from a University Location Approver/Scheduler. Distribution of student promotional or media related materials shall be done virtually (i.e. posters, flyers etc.). Student publications shall utilize online platforms as much as possible for distribution. 


Student Clubs/Organizations may sign out a barrier in the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion and are expected to return them immediately following the event. 
You are expected to clean the barrier before we accept it back. 
The cost of replacement of a plexiglass barrier is $150.