President Woodward Reflects on Recent Events

January 08, 2021
Photo of University of Hartford President Gregory Woodward
University of Hartford President Gregory Woodward

President Gregory Woodward shared the following message with University of Hartford students, faculty, and staff.

Dear University of Hartford Community,

Like many of you, I have spent the last day reflecting on the frightening events in Washington, D.C., and what they mean for our country. I join countless other higher education leaders in condemning the violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol, and I pledge to continue supporting all efforts toward peace, understanding, and social justice.

There are countless reasons that our nation reached a boiling point this week. It is my sincere hope our country will move forward together by seeking facts, engaging in civil discourse, and finding hope and healing. As members of a higher education community, we have a responsibility to better society through advanced and selfless thinking and learning. I urge all of you to continue work for positive change. Set an example. Lead the way.

These are hard, challenging times. Students, please remember you can contact counseling resources at 860.768.4482. Faculty and staff may take advantage of our Employee Assistance Program by calling 800.676.HELP (4357). Please look out for yourselves and for each other.


Greg Woodward

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