A Moment for Social Justice

April 21, 2021

The following message was shared with the University community on Wednesday, April 21.

Dear University of Hartford Community,

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction in the murder of George Floyd is an important and impactful moment in our nation’s​ history and struggle for social justice. Many on our campus, in our nation, and across the world organized and marched; followed this now historic case and trial; and were relieved to see someone held accountable.

But alongside that relief sit the anxiety, fear, and concern caused by George Floyd’s murder and countless other acts of violence and injustice in our nation’s past. Please be reminded that at UHart, we are enriched by our diversity and our engagement with each other. To that end, we encourage you to listen to and learn from each other in a supportive manner.

Additionally, CAPS will host two student support groups that will focus on active listening, caring for each other, and creating brave spaces for open dialogue, where all experiences are honored. While these sessions are particularly geared toward students of color, all students are welcome. The groups are:

We are encouraged by the justice that has been served in this case and the potential precedent it now sets for holding officers who abuse their power accountable. This verdict signifies a necessary disruption to our judicial system, the ongoing struggle of justice, and illuminates the power of our collective voices to effect meaningful change. As we await the coming trials of the officers involved in the deaths of Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, and Ma'khia Bryant, we must continue to remain steadfast in our commitment to rooting out injustice, working toward an inclusive community, and supporting our communities of color.

As many of us continue to fight for a more just society, remember April 20, 2021, as a historic day for the many who marched last summer and let their voices be heard to bring about systemic change in the criminal justice system. There is much more to be done as a University and as a country. UHart is committed to continuing its own self-reflection and implementing actions to address system inequities, injustice, and racism.


Greg Woodward
University President

Fred Sweitzer
University Provost

Aaron Isaacs
Dean of Students

Christine Grant
Executive Director for Diversity and Community Engagement

Torshia Anderson
Executive Director for Student Engagement and Inclusion


For Media Inquiries

Meagan Fazio