UHart and Hartford HealthCare Help Students’ Careers Take Flight

A LifeStar helicopter landing typically signals an emergency – but in a recent visit, the chopper and its crew brought a unique learning opportunity for some UHart respiratory care and nursing students.

The College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions joined with Hartford HealthCare to host a lifelike simulation of a medical emergency – complete with a LifeStar landing on the quad outside the Hursey Center.

Hartford HealthCare staff walked students through a scenario using a manikin simulating a patient. The students evaluated, intubated, and loaded the unresponsive “patient” into a waiting ambulance, then onto the helicopter. 

The interactive “career liftoff” was a special opportunity for aspiring healthcare and medical students to learn about the roles of respiratory therapists, ER nurses, and EMTs, as well as the programs UHart offers to help them enter these vital and rapidly growing professions.

Attendees could also explore a blood pressure clinic, take a lung function test, and discuss career opportunities with Hartford HealthCare.

See our students in action.

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