LiveSafe App

LiveSafe is a free mobile safety app for all members of the UHart community. It enables you to communicate directly with University of Hartford Public Safety officials. By utilizing the community's eyes and ears, LiveSafe helps keep the campus safe by preventing crimes before they occur.Download the LiveSafe App


Tips: Anonymously reach Public Safety to submit information about suspicious activity, harassment, noise complaints, mental health problems, and any other safety issues you may experience. You have the option to add photos, audio, or video to your message, enabling officers to better respond.

SafeWalk: Utilizing GPS-enabled location technology, SafeWalk allows users to virtually walk family, friends and colleagues home or to another location by monitoring their location on a real-time map. Based off initial location and intended destination, hands-free smart alerts are sent to both parties if the user doesn’t arrive at the intended destination by the estimated time of arrival. Alerts are also sent when the user is delayed, has arrived or has summoned for help.

SafeRide: Allows you to request a Public Safety escort to accompany and transport you between locations on campus.

Talk or Chat Options: Two-way communication with Public Safety via chat or phone.

Instant Emergency Connection: In the case of an emergency where you need immediate assistance, you can instantly contact Public Safety. Location tracking will begin, allowing our Public Safety officers to respond to your exact location.


  • Open the app and review the "Get Started" information.
  • Use your phone, email, or Facebook account to verify your identity.
  • Once verified, you'll be asked for your name and a password for the app.Connect With UHart
  • Choose "University of Hartford" when asked to select a nearby location to connect with. The customized UHart app will appear.
  • Remember to enable Location Services, Push Notifications, and access to your contacts for the LiveSafe app,