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The Student Government Association (SGA) endeavors to raise student awareness, promote student involvement, and represent the voice of the students. This organization is for and by the students of the University of Hartford.

The Student Government Association represents the students' views in the development of programs, services, and policy decisions. It is the governing body and provides funds to all recognized clubs and organizations and is charged with protecting the rights of the student body as outlined in the Source.

The elected representatives of the SGA are the president, five vice presidents, and over 30 representatives. The Representatives represent each of the colleges, classes, residence halls, and other groups on campus. These representatives must be full-time undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Hartford. The House of Representatives meets bi-weekly on Wednesday's during Open Hour

In an effort to provide the most complete educational experience possible for University of Hartford students, SGA's goals include:

  • Facilitation of excellent communication among the University community

  • Coordination and encouragement of student participation in the campus community

  • Continuation of the University’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

  • Representing the interests of students throughout University decision making processes

  • Furtherance of student welfare and student interests

  • Ensure fair treatment and civility for all University students

  • Promotion of student participation in the academic life and mission of the University

Stop by GSU 120 if you have questions or call us at 860.768.4162.

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